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Salmon Fennel Cakes

Bone-in, fatty fish rock. Let me count the ways: calcium, Omega-3 fatty acids, easy storage. I could go on. I have no trouble downing bone-in sardines and other tiny fish, and I have many recipes using them, too. (Like this one for Sardine Mayo, this one for a Sardine Scramble and this one for a Simply Sardine Salad.) […]

X + Y = Wellness?

Last week, Katy Bowman of Aligned and Well posted a link to this study, titled: Bone density comparisons in male competitive road cyclists and untrained controls   and asked her 10k plus Facebook fans whether we would expect that male cyclists had higher or lower bone mineral density in their spines than controls.  Most people said […]

Rocking the Eggshell

My family goes through about three and a half-dozen eggs per week.  That’s a lot of eggs and that’s a lot of eggshells. Just as I have been working to use more of the “whole animal” in my cooking, I have also been working toward reducing food waste.  One way I’ve done that is by […]

This is Part IV of a three-part-series on what I learned in fifteen days of logging my food. (Yeah, it took more posts than I expected it would.  You can go back and read Part I, Part II and Part III if you haven’t already.  In them, I cover my behavioral lessons, some general nutritional information I […]