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On Saturday, my family and I trekked about 45 miles south of the city to visit the pumpkin patch we’ve visited every year since our son was born.  It’s perfectly, wonderfully kitschy.  Pneumatic corn guns that shoot at targets with SEC and ACC team logos on them.  A gigantic corn maze.  Inflatable bounce houses in […]

At the end of this post, I said that I would leave the discussion of gluten for another day.  It’s a big topic for me personally and “going gluten free” has gotten a lot of attention lately, so I want to give it the treatment it deserves. As I explained in that post, from 1995 […]

I enjoy a lovely nighttime routine.  I take a warm bath, read a magazine while soaking and then I tiptoe past my sleeping baby and head to our closet.  It’s not huge but it is big enough for me to do a few stretches before I climb into bed. I’d like to share two of […]

TMJ and Buttered Popcorn

I have a baby.  She’s the youngest of three kids and is probably the sweetest baby in the whole wide world.  Let’s call her A. A is a little more than three months old and is exclusively breastfed.  For those of you who have never nursed a baby, one of the lesser heralded (but greatly […]