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Explore More : May 30th

It’s the last day of school! (Translation: I hope I can keep blogging! Transition. Crazy schedules. All-mommy-all-the-time. We shall see!) Much of my free time the past few days was absorbed by this tire-weirdness that popped up. The diagnosis? “You must have hit a pothole, m’am.” (Those of you who drive in Atlanta will understand […]

Happy Valentine’s Day! We in Atlanta are releasing a collectively held breath, as the winter storm that paraded through our city this week ended up being less disastrous than anticipated. After a day of icy precipitation, we awoke yesterday to a lovely blanket of snow. I took a wonderful walk and definitely used some muscles […]

Happy Winter Solstice! I’ve got a lot of stuff for you this week, so I don’t want to delay.  But, as a reminder, I won’t be posting next week.  I’m taking the week “off” but will hopefully get to sit and draft some meaty pieces for which I have been pulling together various sources and […]