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This is not only a picture of what it looks like below my standing work station, but also a little hint, hint for the pop culture-savvy, close readers among you. Folks in Georgia, Tennessee, North & South Carolina, Mississippi and Alabama, don’t forget to head to your local Whole Foods Market today for grassfed beef […]

I finished a great parenting book a few weeks ago and I’ve been wanting to tell you all about it, but I needed to let the messages marinate and settle a bit before I wrote about it. It’s by Dr. Laura Markham of Aha! Parenting, and if you don’t follow her on social media, do, […]

Holy Hormones!

It’s July 2013 and since July 2006, I have been pregnant, nursing or both for all but eight months. Holy hormones! I tend to have the mindset that right now, I am experiencing something unusual and “other” and that once I am done nursing Baby A, then my body can get back to “normal” or […]

One of my favorite alignment bloggers, Barbara Loomis, recently published a list of the books that have most impacted her thinking on issues of wellness.  You can find it here.  She’s got some great ones listed, and I look forward to exploring them. I so enjoyed reading Barbara’s list that I thought I would do […]