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Baked Banana Splits

We had some dessert-style fun at our house this week and I thought I would share the idea with you guys. It’s been colder than a Polar Bear’s nose in these parts lately, so I’ve gravitated towards the warm types of yummies. Two weeks ago I had a massive craving for a custard-style treat and […]

In yesterday’s post, I mentioned a delish smoothie that I made to pump some Vitamin C into the kiddos. It started with navel oranges and the Vitamix. Before I offer up the smoothie recipe, though, I’d like to toss another really remarkable navel orange-based recipe your way.  It’s not mine.  It’s James Beard’s. (Yes, THAT […]

Banana Pudding Bites

Last week, my son’s class hosted a 30th birthday party for one of his teachers.  They compiled a list of the thirty things they love about the teacher and brought in his favorite treat – banana pudding. The other teacher shot a note to the parents to let us know that a gluten-containing snack would […]

I am the meal planner and cook probably 90% of our family’s meals.  So, by and large, our family eats the way that I eat.  Every so often I will prepare some white rice for the kids and my husband, but other than that our meals consist of veggies, animal protein, hefty doses of fat, […]