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One of the coolest parts of my job is figuring out why people move the way they do. Our bodies are living, breathing, moving monuments to our history of experience. Take me, for example. I took ballet for thirteen years and have worked very hard for the past seven to rid myself of the automatic […]

My five-year-old daughter is taking dance this year. She takes thirty minutes of ballet and thirty minutes of “theater jazz” one day a week. She’s in class with four of her besties, and she is as happy as a clam about it all.  As for me, I am glad that while she takes a full hour […]

On February 12th, physical therapist Julie Wiebe published a letter on her blog.  It was addressed to the coach at a gymnastics facility where her daughter had recently taken a lesson. Julie begins by complimenting the coach on a good program, but adds some concern about the “strength training” portion of the class.  She lays […]