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Hey there! It’s been awhile since I’ve put up an Explore More post. It’s not that I haven’t had loads of great stuff to share, but … summer. Also, as some of you know, I am studying for the Restorative Exercise Specialist certification and still plugging away on novel #2. Anyhow, I am back in […]

Food for the 4th

The Fourth of July is my favorite holiday. It happens during the summer, and I live for summer, so there’s that. It happens when the produce is amazing and simple and local. So there’s that, too. It’s all about community and the “big deal” is the neighborhood parade and fireworks on the hill. It usually […]

There is an Amazon affiliate link in here. It’s for my book and the FTC requires that I disclose it but it does make me laugh when it’s my book because I assume you know that I benefit when you buy my book. But, anyhow, there it is. Your full disclosure. And, I thank you […]

Since Little A is STILL. NOT. SLEEPING. (Pause for a long, deep sigh.) my hubby is the one who preps breakfast for the bigs on most days. But, this Saturday, he crawled into bed after one in the morning following a very long day of work.  So, despite a crazy night of not-sleeping, I was […]

(This post contains affiliate links to Amazon.  This means that if you click and buy, I receive a small commission from Amazon.  You won’t pay any more than normal, and it helps me to justify this whole blogging thing.) Let’s start with donuts.  Generally speaking, I am not a gimmicky-kitchen-item kind of girl.  But I’ve […]

I had every intention of blogging all week long. Sigh. Between post-trip recovery and my hubby’s insane travel schedule, my ambitions were thwarted.  That Baby A has started waking every. single. hour. put the nail in my proverbial coffin. But, I wanted to get an Explore More out to you and with it, a promise […]

Last year, I made Living Paleo’s Sweet Potato Bacon and Egg Salad for our Fourth of July picnic.  It was delicious, but being someone who can’t leave well-enough alone, I decided to play with the flavor a bit this year and create my own version. As I mentioned in my Explore More post on the 5th, our […]

How I Used the Venison

If I had the time or energy to share with you the full detail of the past ten days of my life, you would be more than accepting of today’s brief “drive-by” post and recipe.  I apologize but I also know that those of you who know me in real life can comprehend some of […]

Ohmygoodness, let’s not delay.  I’ve got some fabulous stuff for you. I am trying this recipe this weekend.  Chocolate Gelatin Bars – they not only look delish, but they also look like fun to make with the kiddos.  (I am always a big fan of recipes where you put things in a blender and go.) […]

Bacon & Egg Meatloaf

In my recent post featuring Lunchbox Meatloaf, I promised that I would soon post my at-home meatloaf recipe.  Today’s the day! Before I launch into the recipe, I want to offer some backstory and some suggestions to make your meatloaf utterly delish. First off, I can’t eat nightshades, which means I can’t use tomatoes in […]