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I’d seen her face before. Many times, actually. In fact, every time I saw her advertisement, I would tear it out, tuck it away, and vow that one day I would call her. But there I was, staring at her face – which looked markedly different from the one in her ad, by the way. […]

Let’s start out with some of the realities about health and wellness journalism.  And for that, I point you to Katy Bowman’s Expert Ankles piece.  Now, from time to time, I have been known to remind my class members that just because they see a picture of a movement in a health or fitness mag, […]

We recently had a birthday girl in the house.  My middle child, M, turned five and she requested a dolphin-themed pool party.  She’s my highly gluten intolerant girl and our guest list included our vegan friends and a mom with Celiac.  I feel so blessed that the folks at Dulce Vegan here in Atlanta can […]

In yesterday’s post, I mentioned a mom blogger who spoke about her son’s drug addiction.  Acknowledging that you don’t get a “parenting do-over,” she shared some reflections that she hoped would help other mothers help their children. That got me thinking about the concept of a “do-over” in the wellness context.  As I approach forty, […]

On Tuesday, I shared the behavioral lessons I learned in fifteen days of logging my food intake.  Yesterday, I shared some of the nutritional lessons.  Today, I am going to dig deeper into vitamins which is the area where I got the biggest surprises. I Met 100% of the DRI for All Vitamins, With Two […]

A few months ago, Liz Wolfe of Cave Girl Eats and I were tweeting back and forth about something she had said on a recent Balanced Bites podcast.  She said some folks had been down on her because she would be charging money for her upcoming paleo guide to skin care.  I fussed at her because […]

Sorry for the delay in getting this out.  Until the kiddos are back in school, it will be a little crazy around here!  But I have so much to share I didn’t want to skip this installment of Explore More.  So, here goes! Feeling the post-holiday “ohmygod I ate so much I need to go […]

In this post, I introduced you to my struggle with acne that started in my preteens and has persisted through my adult life.  Next, I shared the link that I discovered between my acne and the consumption of dairy products.  Today, I am going to offer “the rest of the story.”  At least until my […]

Acne, Dairy & Me

Last week, I shared the beginning of my acne journey.  Today, I share the next major stepping stone in my quest for clear skin: discovering the link between dairy and my acne. As an adult, my acne has been pretty consistent – always one to ten cystic lesions along with some minor blackheads and whiteheads. […]

Acne. Ugh.

(It’s Wednesday and that usually means we Explore More.  But I have decided to move that feature to Fridays, so you get a plain-Jane post from me today.) In my posts about Why I Eat the Way I Do I said that the acne issue deserved more space than I could spare then, and that I […]