DSC03283Remember last fall, when I introduced you to Daphne, who made the amazing soups we found at the Bluffton, SC Farmers’ Market?  Back then, I told you she would be opening her own cafe on Hilton Head Island in the future.

Well, she’s open and we got to visit her this week!


We stopped in en route to Coligny Beach – two adults and two kids.  We immediately peppered our server with questions about modifying the menu – Could we “unsandwich” the sandwich special? Could we get it without the bread? – and neither he nor Daphne batted an eye at the modifications.

I ordered a hot yerba mate, which was served with a bombilla, a metal straw that filters out the tea leaves.  It was delicious and fun and oh my did Baby A want to get her hands on it!

After we ordered, Daphne popped out from behind her open prep area to bring coloring books and crayons for the kids.  The mom of a four-year old girl, she knew exactly what we needed!


After some indecision – the kids didn’t know what to order and my mother and I couldn’t decide on just one dish apiece – we opted for a cucumber salad for the table to share.  My mother ordered a cup of Three Mushroom Soup and a chicken salad, sans bread.  My eldest child, nearly six, also ordered the chicken salad.  My middle child ordered the poached chicken salad, again without the bread, and I finally decided on the salmon salad.

What sets Daphne’s apart from other food purveryors on the island and in the area is her knowledge of nourishing foods.  [amazon_link id=”0967089735″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Nourishing Traditions[/amazon_link], she told us, is her favorite cookbook ever.  Schooled in soup-making by her Belgian grandmother, she uses amazing ingredients for what she referred to as a hybrid of Primal/Paleo and Mediterranean fare.

I mean, when was the last time you went into a small cafe and enjoyed soup made with grassfed cream?

Let’s pause here for some food porn.  Mind you, the pictures could be prettier.  We all dove in before I got a chance to snap some pics.

Here’s the poached chicken with one of the most amazing pestos I have ever eaten:









Here’s my salmon salad followed by the chicken salad that my son has already asked me to learn to make:









(Those would be cranberries and walnuts in there!)

You will note the absence of a picture of the Three Mushroom Soup.  Not naming any names, but someone sucked it down so quickly I didn’t have the chance to snag a pic.

The real beauty of Daphne’s setup is that even if you don’t have time to stay for a bite, you can still stock up on all sorts of soupy goodness thanks to her huge freezers of soup-to-go.












Bear with me, because I have to show you the ingredients labels for some of these amazing dishes:












Red Wine Lamb Stew.  Alas, she was out of it when we stopped by to stock up.

Here’s the real reason why I adore Daphne.  The woman makes bone broth.  She sells it commercially, and yet – read the label – says it is to be sipped like hot tea.  The woman knows her traditional foods!












Maybe you’re under the weather and need a little extra soup love?










Speaking of love, it is abundantly clear that her cafe and market are labors of love for Daphne.  She cares about the quality of her ingredients and about the food that goes into her customer’s mouths.


You know how much I love entrepreneurialism, right?  It takes courage, an ungodly amount of work, and a level of faith I doubt that I possess.  That’s why I go out of my way to support businesses in which I believe.

If you’re planning on visiting Hilton Head Island this summer, go have lunch with her.  Or, better yet, go have lunch and take a cooler and stock up on her amazing soups.  We actually ran back by on our way home from the beach and bought a half-dozen containers.  (We wanted more chicken salad.  She was out.)

Until you can make it down to Hilton Head, you can like Daphne on her Facebook page .

Daphne’s Cafe & Market is located at:

1000 William Hilton Parkway
The Village at Wexford , Unit J-7C
Hilton Head Island, SC 29928

You can also check out her full menu along with the story of her grandmother, here.

(Updated to add that Daphne’s has closed, much to my chagrin. 1/22/2016)


6 Responses to “Soup’s On at Daphne’s Cafe & Market”

  1. on 04 Apr 2013 at 3:04 pmOfelia

    Love yerba mate!!!! You can get it at BFM not sure if they sell the mate ( the cup and straw or bombilla that is use to drink the te) there but it is oh so good.

  2. on 04 Apr 2013 at 8:16 pmKristine Rudolph

    I’ve had it from a tea bag before, but never with the bombilla. Excellent, excellent! And, we had yuca fries this week. Maybe I was meant to be Peruvian?

  3. on 10 Apr 2013 at 10:41 pmDaphne Frazier

    You write so well! What a gift.
    I would be happy to share my Chicken Salad recipe with you if you would like it for your son!
    Please email me @ daphnescafemarket@gmail.com if you would like some info on it 🙂
    I hope you and the kids are well!

  4. on 11 Apr 2013 at 7:43 amKristine Rudolph

    Thanks so much! And, yes, I will email you today for the recipe!

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