I’ve got two pieces of information to share with you all.

It’s no secret that I am a fan of Katy Bowman’s work, so it is with great excitement that I share the news that I am starting the certification process through her organization, the Restorative Exercise Institute. I’ll be diving into her Whole Body Alignment course over the next few months, and will attend a hands-on training and testing session in 2015. For details, you can read more here.

What attracts me to this line of training can be summed best by the mission statement of the Institute:

Teaching the biomechanics of natural human movement for optimal human function.

I already incorporate a great deal of restorative and alignment work into my teaching and blogging, so I am thrilled for the opportunity to diver deeper, share and apply my new knowledge.

But, if I can’t teach you in person, Katy has a wonderful way for you to get an alignment tune-up, too! I am a huge fan of her “Alignment Snacks.” Just $5 for a 35-45 minute session, they each target a certain area of the body. Katy walks you through stretches and movements designed to get your body back to the capabilities it would have were we not living a modern, movement-deprived lifestyle.

I am excited to be an affiliate for the Alignment Snack program so if you are interested in investigating these classes, click on the icon below, which you will also be able to find on my home page and each post in the sidebar.

Alignment Snacks

Let me know if you have any questions and I look forward to sharing more restorative exercise opportunities with you.


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