If you’ve followed my blog for long, you know that a few times a year I travel with theDSC09101 kiddos down to the South Carolina low country where my mom lives. You also know that one of the highlights is the Bluffton Farmers Market.

I’ve blogged in the past about some of my favorite vendors here  and here. The market is a Thursday must-do and if it’s happening, we are there.

DSC09102This week, I met Pete from Charleston Cheese House, recently transplanted to South Carolina’s culinary capital from New York. His son, he said, wanted a back yard and a chance to see his dad, so the family picked up and eventually connected with a NY friend. Together, they run Charleston Cheese House.

The milk they use for their cheese is single-sourced and local. It’s from Hickory Hill Milk, a 250-year old family farming operation. The cows are pastured (remember, the more grass, the more Vitamin K2 in the milk), and the milk is non-homogenized and low-temperature pasteurized. The cheeses are artisanal, and Pete literally explained to me when each cheese was made and how as he sliced samples.

I sampled the brie, the cocoa brie, and the Chardonnay-waxed cheese. The flavors were mellow yet resonant. The brie finished in a dramatically different fashion than it tasted at first bite. It was lovely, and we walked away with quarter wheels of both DSC09100bries.

We also took home a chunk of fresh mozzarella, which W described as, “The most beautifulest cheese I have ever seen.” It is a little chunk of perfection, and as I told Pete, my only regret is that I cannot eat tomatoes because this cheese is calling for a drizzle of evoo, some basil and a lovely slice of red.

Charleston Cheese House cheeses are available at various farmers markets in the area. Atlantans, start looking for it on restaurant menus near you, as the company is just starting to break into our market.

I’ve posted some other pictures from our afternoon at the market on my Instagram account, so don’t forget to scroll through them here.

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  1. on 09 Oct 2014 at 9:15 pmSheri Goff

    Love hearing about you being in your parents’ corner of the world. We also loved the Bluffton experience. The cheese guy’s story is great. His cheeses sound wonderful. I am hoping to make a trip south with my husband in the next year and do a HH stop. He has a former colleague in the HH area whom we could also visit with. I will plan the trip around a Thursday!

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