There’s this cartoon making the rounds on Facebook. It’s got a man and a woman, and they’re walking down the street. She says,

“My desire to be well-informed is currently at odds with my desire to remain sane.”

It’s from The New Yorker and it was created by cartoonist David Sipress.

And, it might be the most on point description of my life (and mind) at present.

Let me offer a concrete example:

Sometime last fall – and I can’t be specific because I am the mother of three kids and I could tell you a story that, in my head, happened two weeks ago that, in reality, happened in 2009 – so, sometime last fall it dawned on me that I was actively avoiding social interaction because of my makeup situation.

What was my “makeup situation?” It can be summed up thusly: I can’t use a lot of products because the ingredients make me feel physically ill or I know that they can potentially cause things like endocrine disruption or cancer. But finding products that fit my parameters took a lot of legwork and time that I don’t have.

Plus, you cannot possibly imagine how many progressive, responsible companies still rely on synthetic fragrances. For me, synthetic fragrances are huge migraine triggers and cause a host of other issues. I avoid them like some people avoid their nosy aunt at Thanksgiving dinner.

When I finally did find products that I felt were safer for me to use, I experienced a high failure rate when I actually applied them. Many of the more naturally-derived foundations are streaky. Or, more often, made me look about fifteen years older than I am because the minerals settle into my small wrinkles and carve them out like a river eroding the Grand Canyon.

(Not okay.)

I want to be crunchy, but I don’t want to have to look like it.

Anyway, I’ll fast forward to say that I now have someone doing the legwork for me, and the sanity-saving company with whom I have affiliated as a Consultant is:



In Beautycounter, I have found a company that aligns with my personal values brilliantly:

  • Beautycounter has a list of 1500 ingredients that they won’t use, including the 1300 currently banned in the E.U. This “Never List” includes any ingredient linked to endocrine disruption or to cancer. (The U.S. last passed a law regarding cosmetic safety in 1938 and only bans 11 ingredients from use.)
  • They believe in utter transparency. Each product listing features a rating from the Environmental Working Group plus a full ingredient list. They disclose all ingredients – there’s no hiding behind “natural fragrance” labels.
  • Beautycounter has a strong social mission. They believe that through education, moving the market and policy advocacy we can put safe products in the hands of everyone.

Plus it’s woman-founded and woman-owned.

But none of the above would matter if the products didn’t look and feel good. These are high quality, gorgeous products that make me happy when I apply them.

You’ll be hearing more about my work as a Consultant with Beautycounter in the weeks and months ahead. This blog won’t transform into a sales vehicle, though. The Beautycounter products complement everything I do here, but I won’t leave the larger mission of “exploring wellness” behind.

Have fun checking out the products at my website. I am quite smitten with the Essentials Collection.

If you are interested in working as a Consultant and have questions about the process, please email me or fill out the form below:

4 Responses to “Saving My Sanity. Saving Some Face.”

  1. on 28 Mar 2016 at 10:36 pmKelly Cummins

    I was invited to a Beauty Counter get together, and I’m really pleased with the items that I purchased. The Rosewater Uplifting Spray is great to spritz on during the afternoon in the winter months when my skin gets a bit dehydrated from central heating and the cold weather. It could also be lightly misted if you’re more normal or normal to dry, and you’ve feel that you’ve over powdered. Hydrating mists are great at knocking back that overly dusty look and fuses everything together (ideally you would do this before mascara).

    The Lip Gloss in Buff has a great texture (comparable to my luxury brand lip glosses), and is perfect if you do a stronger bronze smoky eye and a tawny blush. It gives a really good 90’s supermodel effect. Ha!

    I suggested to the consultant that she explore some basic facial massage techniques. You could easily incorporate some simple massage when applying the facial oils, or while using the cleansing balm (it does have shea butter which I would steer clear of since I’m still fairly oily, but it’s great for drier skin types).

    I was interested in the Touchup Skin Concealer Pen, but, unfortunately, there weren’t testers. I’m not sure if the company offers sample kit sets, but I think if you’re going to host parties it would be ideal to have all of the colors available to swatch. Pens are great for women on the go. Use one shade lighter for the areas under the eyes, a bit down the nose, in smile lines, and a wee bit on the chin to brighten, and then use one that matches your skin to conceal blemishes.

    Just a few thoughts from my experience. Good luck with this. I’m glad you’ve found products that fit into your lifestyle, and make you feel beautiful and confident. I’m all for adding a little bit of glamour into everyday life!

  2. on 29 Mar 2016 at 7:05 amKristine Rudolph

    I need people reading this who don’t know you to know you know as much about makeup as anyone I know!

    You are also the second person to mention the concealer pen in two days! The company does not offer a sample right now, but I will think about how I can make that work in the social setting. That’s great feedback.

    (It’s all great feedback.)

    Thanks so much.

  3. on 31 Mar 2016 at 5:03 pmKelly Cummins

    Pens with brush tips can be tricky to sanitize, but I think it would be good to have at least one for get togethers so that potential buyers can make sure that the texture and opacity is to their liking. I would stress that they only test on their hands, or they could do a swipe on a finger and then hold it to their face if they think that color will work for them (have a big mirror that can be carried to a window). The consultant had her personal makeup items on display which sort of skeeved me out.

    There are commercial cosmetic sanitizing sprays available, but I very much doubt they work within the parameters of “clean” products. One brand is BeautySoClean ( sells it), and it’s used by professional makeup artists to clean their palettes and lipsticks between clients . It allows you to sanitize both powder and cream based cosmetics. With powders, a hard glaze can form if they get wet, and this product doesn’t do that. The ingredients are listed, so maybe you can see if it might be an option, but, at best it’s a long shot. Alcohol with a bit of tea tree oil may be an option to at least clean the concealer pen tip so that it doesn’t become too grimy.

    Sorry for submitting another comment. I could talk about makeup and skin care forever!

  4. on 31 Mar 2016 at 5:13 pmKristine Rudolph

    I think you are right – without the preservatives, you have to be extra careful.

    Excellent advice – thank you!

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