My family goes through about three and a half-dozen eggs per week.  That’s a lot of eggs and that’s a lot of eggshells.IMG_0946

Just as I have been working to use more of the “whole animal” in my cooking, I have also been working toward reducing food waste.  One way I’ve done that is by finding ways to use, instead of discarding, my eggshells.

Here are the three ways I’ve been putting those shells to work:

Tossing eggshells in my bone broth as it simmers.

This works out well from a timing standpoint, because I am often throwing together the ingredients for a bone broth while cleaning up from breakfast.  Eggshells are 95-97& calcium carbonate, and I love the idea of that mineral goodness leaching into my broth.  I rinse the shells well before I add them.  They have no discernible impact on taste.

IMG_1106Adding eggshells to my compost.

Eggshells are the only remnant of non-plant cooking that I add to my compost.  (I have a tumbler, not a pile.)  I need to be better about crunching them up before I add them, but to be honest, I am usually lucky to get my act together enough to get them to the tumbler in the first place.

Laying the eggshells down directly in my garden.

I live in intown Atlanta on a small lot mostly taken up by house, so my garden plot is itty bitty.  That means I don’t have any room to waste with plants that go bad and a few years ago I had a terrible time with blossom end rot in my tomatoes.  What tomatoes our “pesky little squirrel” didn’t take, the blossom end rot rendered inedible.

Blossom end rot is a sign of low-calcium soil, and eggshells, as I mentioned above, are chock-full of the good stuff.  So I started adding the shells directly to the soil last year.  Sadly, I also had to eliminate nightshades from my diet so, alas, no more tomato growing, but I am happy to have healthier soil.  And I do have a fig tree that needs some calcium-love, so I will be redirecting the shells for awhile.

An added benefit is that eggshells can deter pests like slugs and snails.

What other ways do you use your eggshells or other food scraps?


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