I think it’s probably time to say a little something about the type of recipes you are likely to see from me.  If you’ve read my posts on why I eat the way I do here and here, you have a sense of what I avoid eating.

But when I cook, I don’t focus much on what I can’t have.  I focus on what foods I can have.  More to the point, I focus on the wonderful nourishment foods offer my body.

I was having tea with the mother of one of my daughter’s friends a few weeks ago and she was talking about my daughter’s expansive vocabulary.  (My girl is – like her mama – very verbal.)  My friend said, “Oh, what was the word she used the other day?  Oh … it was nourishing.  She said ‘nourishing.'”

That’s about right.

We talk a lot about nourishment at our house.

When I interact with my children about food, I don’t like to frame our choices as “healthy” or “unhealthy.”  That just feels so legalistic.  And to be honest, it doesn’t seem very joyful.  I want them to be joyful eaters.  Heck, I want them to be joyful people.

I delight in what food provides my body and my spirit.  I love giving my body beautiful, enriching foods.  I love nurturing my spirit by preparing food that I know will fill the tummies of the people I love with all sorts of nutrients and phytochemicals that even the best food scientists still don’t fully comprehend.

I don’t want to be judgmental about food choices, and I don’t want my kids to be that way either.  I want to inspire in them gratitude for the animals who have given their lives for us.  I want them to appreciate the farmers whose labors produce the plants that we enjoy.  I want them to treasure the dirt under their feet, the sun in the sky, and the worms poking around the earth for the roles that they play in feeding us.

I want it to be about more than the mechanical act of inserting food in their mouth and grinding it up.

But I also know that food that makes us feel bad doesn’t nourish us.  It drags us down and prevents us from living a full and vibrant life.  Things like refined sugar, dyes, artificial sweeteners – they don’t give our cells what they need to optimally function.  They throw our bodies into a state of confusion and dis-ease.

You won’t find those things in my recipes.

You will find things like liver, and sardines, and other ingredients you may not have considered feeding your kids before.

My recipes are not going to win any food blogging photo contests.  And they may not meet your taste expectations when you first start trying them.  If your palate is accustomed to highly refined foods, lots of sweeteners, or conventional meats, what I offer you will taste different.

I can’t promise you will love every one of them.  But I can promise that they were created with the desire to fill your belly with wonderfully nutrient-dense foods.

Because your bodies and spirits deserve to be nourished, too.

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