I am serious about Exploring Wellness. Together.  I invite you to accompany me on that journey and I believe this blog has come to the point that I should offer some sort of consolidated version of my journey as it has unfolded thus far.  I hope that you will – through your comments, emails and direct messages – share your journey with me as well.

I never want this space to become “preachy.”  Just to be perfectly clear: I DON’T HAVE IT ALL FIGURED OUT.  I am a humble explorer. I just happen to be someone who has been exploring for a very long time now, and exploring wellness is something to which I devote an inordinate amount of my time and mental energy.  I believe I have something to offer the world in the way of accumulated knowledge and critical thinking skills on this topic.

But, and perhaps more importantly, I believe there is real value in sharing our stories.  I have a bit of a background in social science, so I understand the importance of quantitative analysis, large data sets, and correlation studies.  But I also believe in the power of shared experiences.  I know how important it is to hear someone else describe something you have been feeling but couldn’t name, or what it feels like to search a set of words that scare you only to find hundreds of links to voices saying the same thing you have been hiding.

And so, very soon, I will share.  I hope that what I lay out for you serves to frame the context of this blog.

But first, tomorrow, another recipe!  This one is on the savory side – Butternut Apple Soup.

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