Silhouettes of Business People VectorAccording to WebMD, the number one excuse people give for not exercising is that they don’t have time.

So, to start, I don’t really love the use of the term “excuse.” Let’s all agree that it’s more of a reason.

Because: work demands; kids needing to be fed, clothed, bathed and driven places; marriage or dating; self-care; attending to the doctor and dentist appointments for yourself and your loved ones; sleep … the list goes on.

And they aren’t excuses, they are tangible reasons why “hitting the gym” feels overwhelming, difficult or impossible.

But let’s shift the paradigm a bit.

What if we were to take your day as it already exists and add more movement into that?

What if you stack your life so that you are just as productive as before, but your body gets to experience more challenge, varying joint angles and many different tissue loads throughout the day?

I can teach you simple, low-cost effective ways to move more at work. You will complete a questionnaire and snap a few pics or take some video of your work space, email that to me and I will develop a plan for ways you can be more dynamic and less sedentary but still productive.

The questionnaire is extensive. I will drill down into specifics about your workplace – from the physical to the psycho-social – to help you cut through obstacles to movement you may encounter.

It’s $35 for a single audit, discounted group rates are available by negotiation if you get together with some co-workers. To start the process, email me or visit Appointments to learn more.

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