My neighbor is having a tree taken down. She’s lobbied the county for years to have it cut and apparently today is the day.

Which is fantastic for her, but a pain the behind for me. Because the bane of working from home when you live where I do is the constant barrage of noise – trees being cut, leaves being blown, mowers mowing, and the constant hum of construction noise from the massive hospital that is being built two blocks away.

Today, though, my annoyance reached peak levels when I realized that the tree crew had disconnected my internetTree Cutting service. To be clear, I have this teensy little window of time each day without kids during which I do all of my work. Internet access is a must for me, seeing as how my revenue streams are almost exclusively based online.

I went outside to have a little conversation with the tree team. They freely acknowledged that they had disconnected me. I explained that I work from home.

I remain without internet.

I am stewing. And storming. And annoyed as hell by the constant hum of the equipment that isn’t just loud, it’s sending vibrations through my body that have to be affecting me on a cellular level. (I don’t know that I believe in that, it just feels like it, you know?)

But I’m 42 years old and as I tell my kids all the time, you can’t control what happens in life only your response to it. So I am hiking up my big girl panties and making lemonade out of these lemons.

Instead of being pissy about the noise, the vibrations and the lack of internet, I am going to share with you some happy thoughts!

Here are three things about working for Beautycounter that I never expected to enjoy but have delighted me in my time with the company.

Feedback! Support!

You know what’s really tough about mothering? Well, lots of things. But the lack of feedback and support rank high on the list. Generally, kids let you know very quickly and very vocally when you’ve done something wrong. (Like fail to de-seed a cucumber before serving. <——- true story) They are slightly less inclined to offer up thanks, praise and “You’re terrific,” when you do all the million and a half lovely things that you do for them every. single. day.

It has been such a joyful experience for me to get feedback and encouragement from my “upline” in Beautycounter. The direct retail model gets a lot of criticism, and I was extremely skeptical before I joined, too. But I never anticipated how amazing it would be to get a note from my mentor or her mentor in the middle of the day saying how glad they are I am on their team. Or, when I have an issue that has stumped me, having them there to offer what’s worked for them.


I wasn’t sure how I would enjoy working on commission. Turns out, I love it. For the first time in my life, I feel as though I am being compensated fairly for the work that I put in. Understand, please, that my career was spent mainly in the nonprofit world and that I derived lots from that work beyond the paycheck. My other revenue streams have been in the fitness world where I have logged many, many hours in education and training and for which I pay a lot in certifications, insurance and CEUs. Book revenues and blog affiliate sales have contributed a small amount to my bottom line. And remember, that book took me ten years to bring to market!

Beyond the actual amount of compensation, I feel such ownership of my business with the model Beautycounter has set up. Again, for someone who has been in the trenches of parenting for nearly a decade, this feels really fantastic.


I’ve written before about how I felt like I was joining a sorority when I joined Beautycounter. This company has brought so many positive, hard working, interesting women into my life already. I love the group in Atlanta I work with directly. I love seeing them develop their businesses in ways that are true to who they are and accommodate their families’ needs. I have also been so thrilled to watch the women in my “upline” succeed, because I have seen firsthand how hard they have worked to get that success.

In joining this company, I found a ready-made group of smart, engaged and talented women who are curious, eager to make the world better and interested in the same sorts of issues that interest me. Major score!

The Future of Retail!

So, I said I would share three things, but three sounds a lot like ‘tree’ and they’re still chopping down that tree which is still making me looney, so I am going to share a fourth. (And maybe the tree crew will ‘go forth’ and work somewhere else soon!)

I mentioned above that I was skeptical about the direct retail model. Would I become a cliche? Would everyone I know get annoyed?

I’ve become convinced, instead, that direct retail represents the future of sales. Think about it. When your grandparents and parents shopped as children, they went into brick storefronts where the proprietors likely knew their name. Those days have largely passed because we can buy so much online now. But don’t we all miss that special touch that the shop owners could offer? Walking into a store and having someone say, “Oh, we just got a new product that I think you will love,” made people feel seen and known.

In my business, I get to blend the speed and ease of the internet with the personal touch that shop keepers of old provided. There are just some things that people want to smell, see and feel before they buy. I love being a part of a company that delivers experiential internet shopping.


So that’s it. The chainsaws are still buzzing, but I will confess, focusing on the positive did lighten my mood a little. And, they turned my internet back on. (Clearly my scowling worked.)

I am scheduling phone calls for next week for anyone interested in exploring the Beautycounter opportunity. If what you read above resonated with you or made you at all curious, email me at and let’s get fifteen minutes on the calendar to talk.

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