IMG_4388One of the most fun things about living next to a college campus is being able to relive the milestones of my own college experience every year. There’s move-in in the fall, commencement in the spring, Greek recruitment in January and the inevitable crush of prospective student tours the entire second semester.

And, starting in March, you see signs that the sororities on campus have completed that decades long ritual of assigning “bigs” and “littles.”

Your sorority “big sis” is supposed to show you the ropes. In my sorority house, the big sis also doled out a lot of gifts. I was particularly advantaged because my big sis, Shelley, was a gifted artist. (Seriously. Check out her amazing work here.) Everything I got was handpainted and brilliant. Shelley was also adept at helping me navigate the Greek life waters as an introvert. We were a well-matched pair.

It’s hard not to miss the whole “big sis” thing when you’re a grown up. I’m the oldest of three kids, so I don’t have a real big sis. My Theta sis was the closest I ever came. There’s just something fabulous about being able to ask someone a really dumb question and knowing she won’t think less of you for asking. After all, it’s her job to field those questions.

It’s not a sorority, but I’m pretty happy that in Beautycounter, I get to have something of a “big sis” in my life again. Because, already, I’ve amassed a slew of dumb questions, and, already, she’s been there for me.

I am thrilled to announce that I have joined Liz Wolfe’s Beatycounter team. Liz, a/k/a Real Food Liz, is the author of Purely Primal Skincarea nutrition and lifestyle-based guide to healing your skin from within. Liz is also the author of Eat The Yolks, a must-read for any real food enthusiast. She’s also the co-host of the highly rated Balanced Bites podcast.

So while we won’t be going to any frat parties together any time soon, I feel very fortunate to have Liz as my business mentor, advisor and dumb-question-answerer. I should add that we are both lucky to have Arsy of Rubies and Radishes leading both of us!

We would love to have you join our little “safer skincare” sisterhood. If you are interested in learning more about joining our team, please email me.

(Credit to the Gamma Phi Beta chapter at Emory University for the window art that inspired this post.)


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