Hanging Around

Hey, Sunday class folks, have you done your homework for the week?

For those of you who don’t join us, their “assignment” is to hang three times this week.

Playgrounds, monkey bars, rails, trees … they’re all fair game.

Here’s where I do most of my hanging:



It’s just an inexpensive pull up bar I bought online.

We installed it in a brilliant spot – in the doorway to the laundry room.

So now, every time I go to do any laundry, I have to stop and hang, swing, or do something along those lines.

(I go to the laundry room a lot.)

I was the kid who never ever did the monkey bars.  I was too weak and too frightened.

I have exactly one personal fitness goal this year – I want to execute a pull up.

Who’s with me?

(For great information on why hanging and swinging are important for your health, read Katy Bowman’s Hanging and Swinging 101.)

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