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In yesterday’s post, I shared with you the biggest takeaway from my RES™ Week in Sequim, Washington in October. Today I’m going to share the power of finding women whose values align so closely with my own.

Finding Your Tribe Is Powerful

I don’t unfriend people on Facebook with views diametrically opposed to mine because I think it helps me hone my own opinions when listening to the opinions of others. I enjoy experiencing people who are really different from me because, well, I’m with me all the time and that can be pretty boring. I

I am grateful every day for the work this woman gives to the world.

Me with Katy B. I am grateful every day for the work this woman gives to the world.

don’t mind being the one woman in the room wearing flats when everyone else wears heels because I’ve made choices about my priorities in life and live with the consequences of those choices. (For more on this, see yesterday’s post.)

Because this is just how I am, I think I completely underestimated how utterly powerful it would be to spend a week with people whose values so closely align with my own.

I think it was kind of a shock to all of us newbies. We shared clothing advice, swapped shoes to try on, offered up recipe ideas. That’s stuff women my age tend to do, right? Except we’re accustomed to standing on the outside of those conversations. Our clothing needs to accommodate a squat every now and again. Our shoes have to be zero drop with wide toe-boxes and flexible soles. And our recipe ideas involve things like sardines and butter.

I went to dinner with a colleague from Texas who, incidentally, was sporting the same pair of adorable brown boots that I had just bought. We laughed as we ordered the exact same meal. Said meal involved big, gorgeous grassfed steaks from a nearby farm. The dinnertime conversation? How to make your own sauerkraut.


That’s me with blog reader Vanessa. We kept having to stop mid-conversation when we’d realize we’d already had the same conversation before online.

At the end of the week, we hadn’t had enough time together. We all left for home – some to Toronto, others to Australia, and some hopped in their cars to travel just a few hours. Thankfully we have the internet and Facebook plus common experiences and values that will bind us.

I can’t remember who it was who walked into the Nutritious Movement facility on the second or third day and said to Katy, “It’s just so amazing. I’ve never known so many people who think so much like me before.”

“Congratulations,” she said. “You’ve found your tribe.”

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