Let’s talk teeth for a spell, shall we?

I listened to this podcast from Amy Myers, MD interviewing Stuart Nunnally, DDS, a biologic dentist in Marble Falls, Texas … which just happens to be a place I’ve visited more than a few (wonderful) times.  The conversation was fascinating and, suffice it to say, I am going to book an appointment with an integrative-minded dentist soon.

For another perspective on “Paleo-minded dentistry,” check out this contributor to RobbWolf.com.  He had me at:

Most TMJ problems are man-made.

Alex Shvartsman, DDS, MAGD, AIOMT

Prepare to start thinking different about your teeth (and your kids’ teeth, too!)

Now, these next two probably won’t do your teeth any favors, but don’t they look delish?  We’ve got Paleo Chocolate Lovers Mousse from Clean Eating With a Dirty Mind … perhaps the best blog name ever … and a gorgeous Coconut Custard Cake from Kitsas Kitchen.

Then there’s Zenbelly.  OMG, Zenbelly.  You just keep cranking out amazingness, don’t you?  Like these brownies?  Nut-freaking-free.

(Do I hear music from the heavens?)

I’ve talked from time to time about the benefits of grassfed beef, and thought that this was a nice little summary of its goodness.

If you hate shopping for jeans, this is a fun list from Mother Fitness with some styles you may want to investigate.

It’s short and (very) sweet this week!  Hope you have a good one.

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