Let’s start out with some of the realities about health and wellness journalism.  And for that, I point you to Katy Bowman’s Expert Ankles piece.  Now, from time to time, I have IMG_0009been known to remind my class members that just because they see a picture of a movement in a health or fitness mag, they cannot assume that the form in the picture is well-aligned exercise form.  I have heard from too many experts about how they send off a piece to a magazine only to read it upon publication and feel that what they’ve said has been misstated in potentially harmful ways.

In Katy’s post, she points you to a post on Livestrong where she is cited as the expert” and then explains the areas where the piece didn’t get it quite right.  Even a relatively untrained eye could have pointed out some of the errors – the gastroc stretch and the soleus stretch look the exact same, for example.  (Incidentally, spellcheck changed gastroc to gastric.  I fixed it, but I would have had you scratching your head if I had tried to convince you to do a gastric stretch.)

This is a really great reminder that you need to always, always be a critical consumer of wellness information and if something doesn’t make sense dig deeper.  And, thanks to Katy for the great ankle info, too!

Speaking of being a critical consumer, one of my favorite pelvic physical therapist bloggers, Julie Wiebe, tackled the subject of “bracing” and the Tupler technique for diastasis recti.  DR comes up a lot in class and in private messages on my blog, and I am so happy that Julie addressed this with her theoretical and clinical expertise.  Her philosophy aligns with mine and I am glad to have a place to direct people when they ask about DR.

Did you see the fab nightshade-free curry powder to which I linked in the celery root post this week?

I was kind of in awe when I realized that these Chocolate Caramel Almond Bars had so few ingredients.  They look too beautiful to be so simple.

And more on the candy front – look at this Coconut Mounds Bark.  Living Healthy with Chocolate has so many fun ideas!

Before you dive into the candy, though, maybe this gorgeous lemon roasted chicken from Nourished Kitchen would fill you up?

Speaking of citrus, I am enchanted by this Jaffa Cake from Mummy Made It, which features oranges.  (It’s almost orange season in these parts, so file this one away.)

You’ve heard me talk about hanging progressions before, right?  You don’t even need to speak her language to recognize that’s what Lucy’s doing here.  Start slowly and you can be a hanging stud like she is.

Speaking of other countries, on Facebook the other day, I asked if you guys had any food cravings related to your country of ancestry.  I mentioned my Scandinavian roots that kicked in big-time as I was about to indulge in a cold salmon with mustard.  Then, I saw this recipe.  Um, yeah.

For those of you looking to transition from “sweet” traditional breakfast dishes to gluten free and more Paleo-style mornings, this Baked Apple Breadless Pudding may be helpful.

These are kind of like “KIND” bars.  They look delish.  And, they are nut-free which is a huge boon for my nut-free lunchbox-making self.

My friend D shared this really great post on 10 “scientifically proven” ways that you can make yourself happier.  I love them and the way that they are presented.

One way to make yourself happier is by ignoring insipid “fit-spiration” type memes and thinking.  If you haven’t read this post criticizing the genre, you must.

Acne. Dairy. Cancer.  Do they belong together?  Read and judge for yourself.

Shall we end with a chocolate mousse cake?

Alas, we must end with a bit of housekeeping.  Remember that project that was going to keep me from blogging?  Well, the part I was waiting on to finish it up is in and now it deserves my full attention.  I will not be blogging next week.

So, I hope you have a great one and trust that I will keep track of lots of good stuff to bring you when I am back online again.

(One final note – I believe that true wellness requires that a person exercise and celebrate his or her creative spirit, so it is in that vein that I share my kids’ art with you from time to time.  Today’s piece is courtesy of my five-year old, M.  It’s a rainbow, but it also is very much in line with a “style” she has that we are beginning to see emerge.  It reminds me so much of her bright personality and it’s one of my favorite pieces of art she’s ever done.)

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  1. on 13 Sep 2013 at 6:22 pmClean Eats in the Zoo

    Thank you for sharing my Chocolate Caramel Almond Bar recipe!

  2. on 13 Sep 2013 at 11:20 pmKristine Rudolph

    Absolutely! They look amazing!

  3. on 16 Sep 2013 at 1:53 pmKelly @ The Nourishing Home

    Thanks for the kind shout-out on my “KIND” bars. Blessings to you, Kelly 🙂

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