This is going to be a quickie … it’s Election Night in the US of A and I have a hot date with my hubby to watch returns together.

We got persimmons in our CSA box last week.  I didn’t know how to eat them, but found this how-to and the kids and I noshed on them after school.  Wow, are they sweet!  I hope to make a fun recipe from them before they go out of season.

Speaking of fun recipes, here’s one from January that I dug up to surprise the kiddos in their lunchboxes tomorrow.  She made this after a trip to Atlanta eatery Urban Pl8.  (Go if you haven’t yet!)  My “bigs” as I like to call them are going to be thrilled at the chocolate pudding in their lunchboxes and I am going to be thrilled that they get some good avocado in their bellies.

Here’s another yummy looking recipe – Grain Free Pumpkin Coffee Cake from Unmistakably Food.  It’s on my fall to-do list!

This post about why there is no “magic age” at which your breastfed baby should be night-weaned rocked my world!  I just always assumed that my babies nursed all. the. time. because they were hungry little creatures.  Turns out, I seem to have “small capacity breasts.”  I make enough milk for them, they just need lots of trips to the spigot to get their fill.  Read it – it’s a really great piece.

A recent study from the journal Eating Behaviors links the media and a “drive for thinness” in both women and men.  Social pressures were the secondary factor for women

I love this post from Katy Bowman.  How can you not love an article titled “Urogenital Hiatus is Not Another Term for Spring Break?”  In it she breaks down news reports linking vaginal delivery to pelvic floor weakness.  Katy’s perspective on pelvic floor health is not one you are going to hear from traditional sources, yet she has good science on her side.  This is important information for women to know.

I’m giving you another one from Katy this week, but this one has nothing to do with the pelvis.  My son and I have committed ourselves to improving our hanging and monkey bar-ability.  One side effect is callused hands.  Katy talks about why calluses happen and the modern day implications of them.

I’ve saved the best for last.  Remember in this post about why I eat the way that I do, I said that when my endoscopy for celiac came back negative, my gastroenterologist told me I was fine to eat gluten?  I don’t blame him – four years ago the conventional wisdom was if you didn’t have celiac then you didn’t have a problem with gluten.  Things have changed, though, and this article  outlines the differences between a wheat allergy, celiac disease, and the newly-minted “gluten sensitivity” diagnosis.  For those of us with known stomach issues related to the consumption of gluten, this is a powerful affirmation.

I have so much more to share with you, but I think I will wrap up for this week.  If you find interesting pieces or read something and have  questions about it, shoot me an email at krexploringwellness at gmail dot com so we can explore together.

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  1. on 07 Nov 2012 at 8:52 pmofelia McCollough

    I told you the persimmons are sweet and yummy and you can always find then at Buford Farmers Market… Let us know if you find a good recipe for then as I always eat then like I eat apples…Love and enjoy your blog very much…

  2. on 07 Nov 2012 at 8:54 pmKristine Rudolph

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