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Let’s say, speaking hypothetically, if a blogger spends her one free hour a day crafting a blog post that matters to her, publishes said post the next day, and then posts a link to Facebook where less than 10% of her “likes” actually view it, is said blogger insane for using her time this way?

Because that’s the reality I am inhabiting in Facebook right now, folks. The algorithms are not in my favor, and my posts are being pushed out to only about 10% of my “audience.” If you guys interact with the post – like it, share it, comment on it – then sometimes that gets up to 20%.

There was a lot of talk about this on the affiliate page for the bundle sale I recently promoted. (It’s over now, so don’t try to buy it.) A lot of folks kept a really good eye on their numbers and compared them to just last fall, when the last sale took place. The general consensus is that Facebook is just not getting our stuff out there.

I can’t afford to promote my posts so that they’ll hit the top of your newsfeed. So what I am asking of you is this:

  1. If you haven’t already subscribed to my blog, then look for this in the far right column: “Explore Wellness via Email” Then enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
  2. Let me know if you are using other platforms. I have to confess, I don’t think I have the bandwidth to do Google+ AND Facebook (and raise those children who insist on being clothed and fed each day.) But if the party’s over at G+, then I can convert.
  3. If I should just stop doing this, go ahead and tell me that, too. Based on the hits I get on my archived pieces, I think there is interest in what I am saying. And I really like writing for the blog. But if my energies are wasted here because there’s no good delivery system, tell me.

Alright, with that bit of housekeeping out of the way, let’s get to the fun stuff.When I buy a butternut squash, I am fanatical about finding one with a much longer stem than trunk. Does that make sense? I think it maximizes the flesh and minimizes the work I have to do to de-seed. When I found this one at the store, I knew I had a winner.Butternut

I’ve got two pieces on bone broth for you this week. The first speaks to the nutrition, notably the calcium content, of bone broth, and complements well the author’s talk on bone broth that I attended at the 2013 Weston A. Price Foundation Wise Traditions Conference. I met Laura Schoenfeld (now, R.D.!) of Ancestralize Me right after that talk and she and I had the same conclusion: Where’s the science? The talk was rich in history but thin on data. I am happy to report that this gives us more of what we wanted on that front.The other broth piece comes from Food Renegade and addresses the “failure to gel” issue. (Does that sound serious? Because I meant for it to sound grave and important. #satire) It’s a really simple but helpful post with some facts I knew and some I didn’t. (I am going to pay closer attention to my bone to water ratio from here on out.)Let’s move from bone broth to feet, shall we? (Wasn’t that seamless?)If you still think your children need to be in structured shoes, then please read this passionate and yet fact-based piece from Dr. Gangemi. Here’s an illustrative quote:

Why do I care so passionately about this?  The most important reason is that I am a parent and want to do what is best for my children and not be influenced by marketing claims or trends.  I have been a competitive distance runner my entire life and am personally involved in multiple projects and grants involving both youth and adult physical fitness.  If we can teach proper approaches to pain free activity throughout life then the daily walk or run will be sustainable.

And, it’s an n=1, but it’s still a pretty powerful testimony to what can happen when you ditch the structured shoes from Dr. Nick’s Running Blog.

Looking for a spring stew? (Forgive me if I have shared this one before, but oh my it looks good.)

If you have blueberries on hand, this is a simple yet beautiful way to serve them. (Plus a review of The
Nourished Kitchen’s new cookbook. I own it, and it is absolutely stunning. I’ve been a fan of Jenny’s recipes for a long time, but this cookbook still delights me. It’s one that you just want to curl up and devour with a lovely cup of tea.)

Sometimes I just post links to recipes in here so that when I want to find them, I know I have them on my blog. This chocolate cake recipe is one I may want to use on a special occasion one day.

I love buying whole chickens and smoking them on the Big Green Egg. We eat them for dinner, then lunch for a few days and, finally, use them for bone broth. I’m not the only one who tries to get a lot of mileage out of their birds.

And, to finish us off for the week, are you failing to recover from your workouts (or from life in general?) Here’s some great info on underrecovery from Ben Greenfield.

That’s it for me. Little A decided to take a “naplet” in lieu of a full nap today, so I must attend to her. Hope you have a great weekend, and don’t forget to let me know what you think about the best way to get the info out (or whether I should abandon ship.)

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  1. on 02 May 2014 at 12:27 pmTonya

    You can set it up so your g+ posts go to Facebook, too. I am not actively in business, but I used it for Awhile, and it worked 🙂 the other benefit up g+ is showing up in more google searches.

  2. on 02 May 2014 at 4:36 pmKristine Rudolph

    Someone else emailed to mention the benefit of amping up my searches via G+. Sounds like reason enough to do it, and apparently it’s pretty simple with Jetpack so I am going to give it a go! Thanks.

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