It’s the last day of school!

(Translation: I hope I can keep blogging! Transition. Crazy schedules. All-mommy-all-the-time. We shall see!)

Much of my free time the past few days was absorbed by this tire-weirdness that popped up. The diagnosis? “You must have hit a pothole, m’am.”Tire

(Those of you who drive in Atlanta will understand the irony. For those of you elsewhere, that would be like saying, “Oh, you must have drawn in a breath recently.”)

Anyhow, with no time to spare (Ha! A tire joke!), let’s get down to business.

Have you made spiraled zucchini? I love it but it can be rather watery. Melissa of Well Fed fame solves that problem for us.

Imagine, you’ve made a name for yourself as a vegetarian blogger. And then, you decide to eat meat. If you’re lucky, you’ll write a thoughtful, well-reasoned, sensitive post like this one.

Breast cancer. Chemicals you may want to avoid or limit to reduce your risk – here.

Chocolate-glazed chocolate donuts. This is one of those recipes you rely on so that your kids never feel like they’re missing out on something awesome that all the other kids get. Also, these nut free and grain free chocolate chip cookies.

Fermented Lemonade Punch. It’s a thing. And, if you are trying to cut down on your soda consumption, I cannot recommend fermented beverages enough. There are so many fun ones out there.

I read the abstract to “Mirror, mirror on the wall: How women learn body dissatisfaction” from the journal Eating Behaviors. An interesting finding:

Comparison to sister and best friend, but not to mother, influenced body dissatisfaction indices.

If anyone wants to read the full article, you can purchase it here.

Alright, my hubby has returned from a week in California, so I am going to go reacquaint myself with him again.

Hope your nascent summers are shaping up well.

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