Isn’t this little guy just the cutest?  I found him on a recent trek to my most favorite “happy” place in the city, Atlanta Botanical Garden.  The frog pond was full of little guys like him, just doing their thing.  I took way too many photos of them.


Speaking of way too many, I have loads and loads of items to share with you this week.  Remember, when you click on a link, that’s your way of telling me you are interested in what I’ve provided you and that prompts me to find more on that particular subject.  So, if you are interested something, be sure to follow the link to read more.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again.  Exercise = stress, and stress can negatively impact the body.  I am not saying exercise is bad, just that if we do too much without proper nourishment and rest, our bodies will revolt the way they are wont to do when we mistreat them.  This quick but terrific piece from Grassfed Girl explores the link between too much exercise and inability to lose weight.  It’s seldom I read a piece like this and agree with every single point made, but I do here!

If you have ever described yourself as an “emotional overeater,” you will want to read this piece from Living the Nourished Life on the role neurotransmitters play in your desire to eat.

Want to optimize your pelvic health while pregnant?  Enjoy reading about the Scottish Highlands?  Never thought you would read those sentences in the same paragraph?  This is a lovely piece drawing on experience in the Scottish Highlands to develop ideas about a healthy, strong pregnancy.

Speaking of pelvic floor health, I shared this infographic on my Facebook page recently but want to hit as many people with it as I can.  High heels.  Are they worth this?

Speaking of healthy alignment (which I do a lot), this post contains really fantastic visuals illustrating things like the “YES” sit and “NO” sit, as well as pelvic neutrality.  If you have pain anywhere in your lower back, pelvis, knees or hips, give it a read.

I’ve been playing a lot with tahini in my kitchen lately, so I was really inspired by these Raw Paleo Caramel Slices that feature tahini.  It’s such a versatile ingredient.  (BTW, these goodies are nut free.  Yum!)

These Chocolate Caramel Pecan Clusters are, alas, not nut free, but I could hardly miss the opportunity to pass this recipe along.

This study‘s conclusions suggest that if you want to maximize your strength, then your endurance training may need to take a back seat.  For a thoughtful dissection of the study, read this article from Breaking Muscle.

Speaking of Breaking Muscle, here is a really good article on how the training equation involves more than just work.

My aunt and uncle run a restaurant in Fredericksburg, Texas and one of my favorite dishes is a fish taco salad with an avocado-based dressing.  Primally Inspired’s Tomatillo Avocado Salsa looks like it would hit the same spot.  Incidentally, this is one of those recipes that is both Paleo and vegan.

Primal Docs brings us two pieces on the value of healthy fat in an optimal diet: 5 Reasons a Healthy Fat Diet is Good for You and Are you a Fat-o-Phobic?  (These are also good ones to share with folks who are aghast that you eat lard or coconut oil.)

If you are gluten free, make sure you are not accidentally ingesting it via one of these ingredients.

Are you grain free?  Do people treat you weird?  Mark Sisson offers some replies to common criticisms.

Seven reasons why diets don’t work.  (And yes, deprivation is one of them.)

I am generally not one to give my kids medicine unless absolutely necessary.  But they were all awful teethers and the pain significantly impacted their sleep.  I used pain relievers with my first two kids more than I have with Baby A, and had I read this piece from Dr. Laura Markham years ago, I may have foregone it and just endured the wailing.  If you use Tylenol, please read.

Speaking of sleep deprivation, Science of Mom wrote a really thoughtful piece on the topic recently.  My takeaway confirms what my neurologist told me some three years ago, and that’s that we really don’t have any good studies on the physical and emotional toll extreme parental sleep deprivation causes.  (I had to laugh at the reference to medical residents.  One of my friends was a resident when she had her first baby and I said to her, “Surely after med school and residency, you should be accustomed to this kind of sleep deprivation.”  She said, “At work, I at least know I’ll get a good eight hours every third night or so.  It’s been six weeks!”  Her point was a good one.)

Ever since my mom gave me a copy of [amazon_link id=”1936608480″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Gather[/amazon_link] for Mother’s Day, I have been itching to make a Chinese food feast.  I think maybe this weekend will be my chance.  I may have to add this Orange Chicken to the lineup.

If you are in the US, enjoy your Memorial Day weekend!  Go get some Vitamin D … and then listen to this Chris Kresser podcast about new research on Vitamin D levels.

2 Responses to “Explore More : May 24th”

  1. on 24 May 2013 at 1:33 pmMonica

    You know this high heeled mama is not one to give them up entirely, but I do think about them more as I age and have watched my body/posture/center of gravity change through the years and two pregnancies. The number in my closet is certainly smaller and the tests a new pair has to pass to make it into rotation is higher. I’m also certainly not wearing them as I once did. As I think about pounding the pavement in DC and the sheer number of sidewalks, stairs, Metro platforms and standing presentations my heels graced during my professional life, I do cringe a bit.

    But will I ditch them forever? Sorry. 🙂 Some folks need to eat a cupcake every now and then for a boost, I need to put on a pair of heels every once in awhile. All things in moderation, right?

  2. on 24 May 2013 at 1:46 pmKristine Rudolph

    I’m not a huge “all things in moderation” fan, generally speaking. I think there are plenty of things in this world that we would all be better off if we eliminated them entirely. But that’s a philosophical question for another day.

    I haven’t ditched every last heel in my closet yet either. I *may* wear a pair at an upcoming wedding if I can’t find gorgeous flats to sub. I won’t like wearing them, my body will hurt the next day, but it’s a dressy affair and it’s tough to find dressy flats.

    That being said, I do want to examine the cultural underpinnings of that idea – that only heels are dressy.

    Why do we allow ourselves to be convinced that dysfunctional and unhealthy is beautiful? Why do heels connote strength and power in women when what they actually do is contribute to urinary incontinence, hip and knee problems?

    Again, dissection, dissection, dissection. I’d like to get to a point where women choose flats because they are strong women and they don’t need shoes or clothes to connote power and vitality or to feel good about themselves. Not because we need “sensible shoes” or because we’ve gotten “too old” for heels.

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