Although most area schools release for the year this week, we’ve still got one more week to go. Well, we have Monday off for Memorial Day. So, Maysanity continues, although with baseball and dance done, things have calmed a bit.

You know what calms me down? Watering my little garden. I think I’ve mentioned, we have a teensy intown yard and I have a Wateringpostage stamp plot for veggies. I also container garden with a few herbs here and there. Here’s the oregano that popped back up after I thought it was long dead, some basil and rosemary under the hose. Just a few minutes in the peace of the yard with my plants and I feel like a new woman after an afternoon filled with fights, yelling and screaming.

You know one of the things they just don’t tell you about parenthood? Afternoons are really, really hard.

What does not look hard are these super cute Paleo “Un”Oreos. They’re made with banana and coconut cream, although I am quite sure whipped cream would be tasty as well.

Also falling into the “not hard” camp are these plantain-based drop biscuits. I love plantains and how versatile they are.

Is Gluten Sensitivity Real? from Chris Kresser may surprise you.

I didn’t get to read the full article, so I cannot speak to the science behind the conclusion, but the abstract for this article, “An exploration of thinness expectancies and eating pathologies on compensatory exercise” from the journal Eating Behaviors definitely had me wanting to know more:

These findings suggest a potential profile of individuals engaging in compensatory exercise as individuals who actively restrict their diets, feel as if they have binged when they violate those restrictions, and feel the need to excessively exercise to compensate for the subjective binges.

Eating Behaviors, Volume 15, Issue 3, August 2014, Pages 335–338

This piques my interest in a number of different ways. I often worry that Paleo and Primal eating styles attract people who seek out “rules” as a manifestation of disordered eating. I try to be mindful that what I write and share doesn’t contribute to that. Plus, as a fitness instructor, I am very aware that some people – mainly women – seek exercise as a “punishment” or as a corrective for dietary indiscretions. I don’t find that to be a particularly healthful way to approach movement or life, so it’s always on my mind.

I have absolutely loved Dr. Laura Markham’s “Spring Cleaning for Your Psyche” series and this one called “Want to Stop Being Upset? Change Your Mind,” was one I desperately needed yesterday after a particularly harrowing evening. I don’t know that I realized how much negative self-talk I serve up to myself as a parent until I read some of her examples.

Along similar lines, do you personalize things when you and your partner disagree?

It’s therefore essential to keep in mind that in any close relationship, disagreements are inevitable—and that this isn’t such a bad thing. What makes such dissent so frequently cause distress is that, subliminally, each of us may feel emotionally threatened by it. It’s almost as though your partner’s differing with your position implies their disapproval of you

Leon F. Seltzer, Ph.D.

If that strikes a chord, read the whole post, “Every Couple’s Key to Peace.”

Also from Psychology Today, an exploration of “Who Falls for Dishonest People?” It’s not necessarily who you would expect.

I talked a bit on my Facebook page about how scientific research headlines can lead us astray. This is an interesting perspective that relates to science reporting on marijuana use, our kids, and our anxieties:

We look at science, and its findings, not in the isolation of the laboratory, but rather, in the setting of our concerns and, indeed, our anxieties.

There is, after all, a reason the media serves us up over-simplified headlines and reports. On some level, that’s what we want.

And, finally, if you are looking for a summer baking activity or a good gluten free treat for the kiddos on their last day of school, here you go – Chocolate Chip Cookies from Deliciously Organic that are both nut and grain free.

Have a great weekend and Memorial Day!

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