DSC02138April showers bring May flowers.  What do May flowers bring?

The MAYpocalypse?  MAYhem?  End-of-School-a-palooza?

Whatever term you use, you know what I mean.

Spring sports are ending.  Dancers are recital-ing.  (In some cases night after night after night.)  School years are coming to a close and class parties, plays and other events come with the year’s end.

The days are longer.  The kids are up later but still have to wake early for school.

I hope you’re enjoying your version of madness, whatever that is, and that you are taking a little time to care for yourself in all of the craziness.

Speaking of “busy”-ness, do you wear your crazed state like a badge of honor?  There are ways to step back from that madness.

I think these Grain-Free Chocolate Chunk Cherry Granola Bars look fantabulous and I plan to make a nut-free version as soon as things calm a bit here.

I’ve been chowing down on the super simple Cauliflower Tortillas from Slim Palate and look forward to adding these butternut squash / sweet potato flatbreads into the rotation.

I own a ridiculous number of popsicle molds.  I often will just toss fruit that is about to go unused into the Vitamix and then into the freezer to salvage the fruit and add a little fun to the kids’ snack routines.   I seldom use a “recipe” for them but if I did, this would be one of the first I would try – Strawberries and Cream.

We planted pickling cucumbers in our garden this year, so I am on the hunt for good pickle recipes.  This one is called “Ridiculously Easy,” so that fits the bill!

If you need a gorgeous dessert, check out this Strawberry Brownie Tart.  I can’t eat nuts but if I could this would be an absolute must-make.

This is an oldie but goodie from Julie Wiebe, PT.  To my class members, you will see that I keep harping on pelvic floor health for good reason.

Another oldie but goodie that I tweeted this week is “What a Waist!” from Katy Bowman.  I am sharing it because I have my classes doing this exercise a lot and I wanted to share it with more of you.

GMOs – do they scare you like they scare me?  I actually can’t think too much about them because I get so darn depressed.  Here are seven unlikely places they may be lurking.

No-Bake Chocolate Cookie Dough Brownies.

(I realize no more needs to be said about those.)

Speaking of chocolate, I searched long and hard for a brand that did not contain soy lecithin.  Some folks say it’s no biggie, but I’ve noticed that when I eat it, my psoriasis on my scalp acts up.  Another blogger also went on a quest for soy-free chocolate, and this is what she discovered.

If you were inspired by Sarah’s posts this week (read her story here and see her photos here) but worry that the Whole 30 may be too much for you right now, this is a great piece on how to start a “real foods” journey.

Have I shared this carrot-based pizza crust with you?

Chris Kresser wrote a piece for The Huffington Post on gluten intolerance.  It’s great stuff and I am glad to see it out there in the web-iverse.  Hopefully, having this info out there in places like HuffPo will mean less of this.

And finally, next time you get a Lipid Panel done at your docs, you may want to dig a little deeper than what’s normally covered.

I am making myself stop .. after all, I am sure you have things to do!  Have a great weekend.

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