Last week, the head of school at my kids’ school announced at our weekly assembly that there were only three more weeks remaining in the year. The kids cheered. The parents gasped. As Rusty, the dad of one of my son’s pals, said, “There’s a lot of culmination going on in those three weeks, folks.”

He nailed it. Dance recitals. Soccer tournaments. Baseball playoffs. Class parties. Scouting ceremonies. Everything is culminating, it’s all important and special, and it’s all happening at once.

It’s crazy-making, even for families like ours where we do our best to limit our involvement.

So, for those of you in the midst of May Madness? Take a breath, and know that June is coming.

Speaking of crazy-making, Psychology Today offered up a post called “How to Handle a Crazymaker.” It’s got some terrific advice. If you’ve ever dealt with a narcissist, or someone who feeds off drama, give this a look.

I posted it to Facebook, but I am sharing again because it’s important – and because I make a cameo. It’s Katy Bowman of Aligned and Well and The Restorative Exercise Institute on the Vibrams lawsuit.

Erin Brown of FitMamaTraining knew that the stakes were high when her five-year old asked about her “jiggle:”

I realized this was a moment.  This was the first time I had the opportunity to answer my daughter’s own question about bodies.  I knew my voice in this moment would perhaps become her own.  And 5 years into working on my inner voice I knew exactly how to answer her question.
“Oh that?  That’s FAT.”
It’s called “The Day My Daughter Discovered My Fat,” and it’s great.
I usually offer up recipes before I’ve tried them, but this week, I share two I have already made. (Kind of.) The first is this acorn squash custard which I have made twice now and love. The second is this pineapple whip recipe. I love the recipe, but I made mine differently. I just took frozen pineapple and frozen bananas and whipped them up in the Vitamix. You have to use a lot of elbow grease with the Vitamix plunger, and it takes some patience, but the results were amazing and the kids loved it.
Walking is the best postpartum exercise. But, I actually hate calling it exercise, because that makes it seem like you get bonus points for doing it. On the contrary, it’s a biological need that our bodies have, and when we do it, they function better.
Finally, the next time a fitness instructor tries to “motivate” you by asking you to punish yourself for eating, shaming you about the clothes that you wear, or makes reference to a desired body part, let the words in this article float to the top of your mind instead.
All right. Off to a culmination. Hope you are staying well.

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