Enjoy some “fruit art!”  My daughter’s class cut up various pieces of fruit and explored the shapes and textures they produce when painted.  That was fun but not nearly as fab as the real fish they painted and used for art … until it got too smelly!
I am all over the board today, so bear with me.

Samoa Donuts.  I mean, some people come up with the most fun recipes!

Heard the term “functional medicine” but still don’t know what it means.  Here are some good thoughts on it.

I finally found a dark chocolate bar that is dairy free, organic, delicious and free of soy lecithin.  Here’s a good piece on soy lecithin and why you may want to avoid it, too.

Training on unstable surfaces has been all the rage for a few years, but this piece suggests we may want to rethink how and when we use it.

This is from last fall, but I reread it this week and wanted to share.  If you’ve been told that you should stand with your feet together, give it a read.  Your pelvic health depends on it!

If you’ve made an egg white heavy dish and need something to do with all those yolks, this Maple Pot de Creme recipe may be just the ticket!

I am always encouraging my class members to use whatever equipment or natural surfaces they encounter on walks to move their bodies in different ways, so this idea of a “PLAYout” appealed to me.

Doesn’t this Asparagus Salad from Atlanta chef Kevin Gillespie just scream SPRING?

I am dying to try this lacto-fermented orange drink.

No need for MSG and other nasties in your Ranch dressing.  Here’s how to make a “seasoning mix” on your own.

I feel such freedom now that I no longer have to snack all day long.  If that plagues you, check this piece out.

Do you check your kids’ poos?

I am an alignment fiend.  Here’s a great piece (with fab visuals) on how to stand in alignment.

Have a great weekend!

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