Happy birthday to lots of friends and happy anniversary to my sister and her hubby!

Now, on to business …

Want to get started on the path towards “real food,” but overwhelmed at biting off too much too soon?  I love this post, because it’s all about making the journey yours.

I hope that The Caregiver Series : I and Thou resonated with some of you.  Just after I wrote it, I heard Krista Tippett interview Zen abbott Joan Halifax.  In addition to the interview, Halifax recorded a wonderful ten-minute meditation on grief.  I urge anyone in grief over any loss or anyone anticipating a loss to give it a listen.

I am all for anything that’s natural and can reduce under-eye circles.

I know that if I don’t get in my regular walks, the chronic pain I suffer in my pelvis, psoas and lower back flares with a vengeance.  Looks like I am not alone in seeking walking as a relief for back pain.

Chocolate.  Coconut.  Macadamia.  Yeah, I thought you’d want a peek.

Do you carry a child in your car?  Are you sure you aren’t making a common car seat harness mistake?

Lemon pudding.  Made with cauliflower.  I am intrigued.

Get your pumpkin cake bars before spring hits.

Most of my friends who have daughters are petrified of somehow “causing” their daughter to have disordered eating.  Here’s some interesting research related to that issue.

Carrot Coconut Muffins.  Um, yeah.

Did I throw these Avocado Brownies your way last week?  If so, heck, here they are again.  Because OMG how good do they look?

So many recipes this week.  Is it totally obvious that I haven’t had dinner yet?

Off to eat … !



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