Beware the Ides of March!

(March 15th is to us humanities geeks what March 14th is to the math and science wonks.)

(I took a whole lotta Latin in high school.)

Now, for the reason we’re all here …

My friend, S, who is an uh-may-zing cook and quite a foodie has just embarked on the Whole 30 program.  Reading stories like this one reminds me of what a solid program it can be for people.  I am absolutely dying over the amazing things S has made so far!

Speaking of amazing, how fab do these raw caramel and chocolate candies look?  Date-sweetened caramel?  Yeah, baby.  (Oh, and what a fab blog name … bettyRAWker!)

Speaking of sweets, think resisting them is all about willpower?  Well, this study has some interesting data on how rats responded to sweetness and to cocaine.  The findings may make you think.  21-Day Sugar Detox, anyone?

You guys know I am all about alignment and I literally gawk at people’s bodies when I am out and about.  “Why does she stand like that?”  “Why are his hams so tight?”  (That would be the refrain in my brain.)  Lately I’ve noticed a certain stance among the fashionable and tall women I know.  This post, which pegs the exact phenomenon I’ve been noticing, really got to me.  It upsets me to see beautiful women holding themselves in ways that are harmful to them.

Have knee pain?  This post may be the most helpful item you will read all year.   It’s got stretches, stances, strength moves and more.  And it’s all based on the simple act of walking.  Devour it.

How you sit on the loo affects pelvic health.  Here’s a great explanation of why.

I am a nursing mother.  I nurse when we are out and about.  I blogged about one bad experience I had here.  I wish I had had the courage to write this.  I do, however, have the courage to add my refrain, “Suck on this!”

Are you considering taking your family gluten free?  Or dairy free?  Or making another change?  Code Name Mama has blogged about how her five-year-old is taking the transition to gluten free. 

I am not trying to sell her e-book. but wow, this post really hit home for me.  It’s all about The Healthy Home Economist’s journey to healthy fats and I can totally relate.  It wasn’t until I let myself start eating the saturated and animal fats that I really started to feel the magic.  It’s a good read.

Did you read the story about how some mummies were found – in different spots around the world – with calcification in their blood vessels?  Some news outlets, like NPR, took to the airwaves to claim these findings mean that the paleo diet is ineffective against heart disease.  My initial thoughts upon reading about the study were:

  • Wow, there’s clearly a lot about heart disease that we don’t know yet.
  • No diet is a magical panacea against aging.  All bodies do that.
  • And, hmmmm, just because they’ve got calcification doesn’t mean that they had heart attacks, right?

Lucky for you guys, there are much smarter people in the world dissecting the research, and Stephan Guyenet is one of them.

The mummy data do not overturn our thinking about atherosclerosis; they simply confirm what we already knew from other sources: developing atherosclerosis with age is part of being human, but the modern diet and lifestyle increase its severity, particularly in the coronary arteries, contributing to a higher risk of heart attack.

He’s written a great short piece you should consider before drawing any conclusions.

In the U.S., we tend to talk about kids’ developmental milestones as if they are biologically determined.  This interesting study shows that they are, at least in part, affected by cultural considerations.  By the way, if this interests you, join me in reading [amazon_link id=”0202307492″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Hunter-Gatherer Childhoods[/amazon_link].  Good stuff.  Oh, also by the way, WEIRD in the study = Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich and Democratic.

Another myth busted here – Butter Believer takes on the notion that skim milk is “healthy.”

And I conclude with another fantabulous post from Katy Bowman on squatting.  I won’t even try to tell you how wonderful and hugely important it is.  Just. Go. Read.

Signing off.  Have a great weekend, guys!


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