Thanks so much for your amazing response to yesterday’s post on social media triggers. I love what everyone shared through comments, Facebook, texts, and emails. We’ll revisit the theme next week, but feel free to continue to discuss here and on (ironically enough) social media.

I haven’t nagged you guys to hang enough lately. For a primer on the whys and the hows of hanging, Katy Bowman has this fabulous post.

Since I stopped teaching in the park weekly, I’ve been hanging less than I used to hang. Well, technically I’ve been hanging just as much but swinging a lot less. (See that Katy post above for the reasons why both matter.) A few weeks ago while walking in the park, I went to do the monkey bars and couldn’t make it across. My callused hands had softened! (Also, in the Katy post.) Ugh!

MonkeyBarsBut the fun thing about our bodies is just as they adapt to not doing an activity, they also adapt again when you begin the activity anew. I’ve been “hanging and swinging” on these super high monkey bars this week and I am making progress.

(So really, if you haven’t yet clicked to read the Katy post, just go read the Katy post.)

Speaking of backyard fun, you have to see these AMAZING DIY ideas to transform your own little plot of land. Seriously, these will blow your mind.

If you haven’t taken a second to read the post “Knowing My Sons a Little Less”  from Grown & Flown, get your kleenex handy and read it now. Although she is speaking of her own empty nest, she articulates a powerful feeling that I believe will resonate with most all parents.

I made my mom some egg salad this week with all the yolks my kiddos wouldn’t eat. My version was mayo and egg. Oh, I tossed in a little salt. It was nothing like this. (Maybe next time, Mom!)

I am never satisfied with knowing I have a symptom, I always want to know why it’s happening to me. (Witness my nearly double digit posts on skin health and acne.) A guest blogger took the helm at Primal Palate this week and wrote a great piece on her exploration of her own anemia. If you are searching for the ‘why’ of a health issue, you may find inspiration here.

One of these days I am going to write the post that’s swirling in my head about the way we take little kid bodies and “teach” them “how to exercise their bodies,” as if they didn’t come into the world already knowing how to move, move, move. (I would submit that it’s the grown ups who should be learning from the wee littles and not the other way around!) In that vein, I love this post about “core stability programs” for kids. But I adore it because it reminds us the folly of teaching children “core stability exercises” when they’re not sitting or standing in alignment:

And having a child perform an isolated exercise routine but ignoring their alignment in sitting and standing and recreational/sport activities is not going to address the issue for any child, let alone one who experiences motor and sensory challenges.

I get a lot of questions about physical activity in the postpartum period, so I really appreciated this view:

I am also a physical therapist, myself, and feel that every woman should know her rights to receive physical therapy as a new mother. One of the many fields of specialization in physical therapy is women’s health.  I bet you didn’t know that. That’s okay. Most doctors don’t either.

She encourages moms to seek out physical therapy to counter negative effects of pregnancy such as core and back issues. She also explains the very real training reasons why M.D.s cannot and should not be expected to help you with problems that a PT can.

Speaking of pregnancy, physical therapy and postpartum, one of my fave PTs, Julie Wiebe, discusses diastasis recti here. Check it out – the videos on the importance of our pressure gradient in our “core” region is not to be missed.

Speaking of rehabbing, if you regularly ice, ice, ice your pain away, you will want to consider this post including a statement from the person who spawned the “RICE / rest, ice, compression, elevation” protocol.

And, finally, we’ll end in the mouth with a look at non-conventional dental healing. Pretty interesting stuff – healing the teeth with food and all.

That’s it for me today, folks. I’m taking it one day at a time with the blogging right now, but I do hope to be back with you next week.

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