IMG_1078More hydrangea goodness from my yard.  There’s something about this time of year when my plants seem out of control, and everything is lush and full that makes me overlook the weeds and untended beds.  I love it.

Speaking of things I love, I love brownies and I am on a quest for the perfect non-grain, no refined sugar version.  Cheeseslave’s recipe is next on my list to try.  And, then I will give these from Ditch the Wheat a whirl.

Speaking of traditional sweets, these chocolate chip cookies from Frisky Lemon look fab, too.

Chocolate.  Bacon.  Banana Cream Pie.  No freaking joke.

My sister has a rule to never, ever pair chocolate with raspberries, but I don’t know … this truffle pie looks mighty, mighty fine.  Maybe she should stick with this chocolate panna cotta?

Speaking of chocolate and berries, check out this totally gorgeous chocolate + strawberry masterpiece.

Or maybe some mint chocolate ice cream?  Did I mention it’s dairy free and GAPS friendly?

Wanna make a raw candy bar that “rawks?”

Let’s counterbalance all that chocolate with a little vanilla custard from the uber-talented Zenbelly, shall we?

I recently took Baby A on a nearly three-mile walk and held her the whole time.  That was a no-joke kind of workout.  I mean, a twentysomething pound weight that moves?  So, I loved this piece about a mama who’s walking with her babe in arms.

Speaking of moving, is your body trying to tell you something?

Baby A turned one this week, and as I went to complete her “firsts” page … she started walking recently … I noted that she has but one “first” remaining to accomplish.  (Drumroll …) sleeping through the night!  Gah!  So, of course, I struggled reading this piece reiterating sleep’s role in wellness.

Y’all know I am all about taking the word “should” out of my vocabulary, so this post on early maternal bonding really appealed to me.

Speaking of babies and having them, when women ask me about running while pregnant, my advice is always the same – while there’s not any evidence that running while pregnant (for a fit mom with an uncomplicated pregnancy) is harmful to her baby, I believe that it can have detrimental long-term effects on mama’s muscles, tissues and bones.  So I was really interested to read this piece which works through some of those issues.  (Pelvic floor, pelvic floor, people!)

Folks in my classes can probably quote my alignment “talk” word-for-word by now, and one of the cues I always give is to keep your triceps on the back of your arms where they belong.  This is a great piece breaking down the whys of that advice and detailing the benefits from proper arm positioning.

Processed food purveyors are now crafting processed foods that look less processed so that they will sell better.  You know, because they look more “natural” and all?  #marketing

Looking for a non-soda drink?  Wellness Mama teaches you how to make ginger ale with your very own ginger bug.  I am so making this stuff.

I am magnesium obsessed right now.  Grassfed Girl shares some reasons that my obsession is well-founded.

Tough love and backyard chickens.  If you or someone you know is hankering for some backyard eggs, this is a must-read.

It’s summertime, peeps!  Hope you can get out this weekend and have some fun!

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