We were so ready for a festive Fourth!

We were so ready for a festive Fourth!

Hope you had a great Fourth of July!  In Atlanta we endured downpour after downpour.  Our P.M. plans were scuttled when the City of Decatur postponed it’s Pied Piper parade, Concert on the Square and fireworks show to September 28th which will be our “Faux Fourth.”  We did manage to fit in a neighborhood parade and a mud-puddle splashing jaunt around our street in between the rains.  We also had a great “picnic” on the screened-in-porch and family movie night.  So, all was not lost, but it wasn’t the holiday we had hoped to have.

I’ve got a new ferment in the works.  This one’s a green cabbage, a leek, and some dandelion greens.  It’s my first attempt at fermenting greens, so I have my fingers crossed that it will be tasty.

Anyhow, on to the show:

Some sweets for you:

Salted Maple Pecan Cookies – they look simple and tasty.

I saw many versions of S’Mores this week, but this pie intrigued me.

Homemade Junior Mints, for all your movie nights!

These Mini-Coconut Lemon Tarts look terrific and summery.

Fudgey-brownie goodness from the Freckled Foodie.

Red, white and blueberry ice cream.

I am totally making these coconut chocolate cookies asap.

I’ve been tempted by the rhubarb in the store and this torte may be the recipe that prompts me to buy some.

And now for a little savory, check out this paleo chicken alfredo recipe from Primally Inspired.

Speaking of Italian food, look at this carbonara recipe made from zucchini noodles.  Yum.

And more chicken, with this easy slow cooker poaching method.

I am sure you follow Nom Nom Paleo, but on the tiny chance that you missed this sausage and egg breakfast sandwich, you will want to get over there right now.

Dr. Weil on a link between insulin and bone density.  It deserves a look.

Want to try your hand at a fermented drink?  Here’s a beet kvass recipe.

And now a few words on alignment:

Are you a Mother Thruster?  Katy Bowman has been consulting with the blogger behind Mama Sweat, trying to “rehab” her from years and years of exercise that have her in pain.  The resulting blog post is fantastic and a great read for all women.

How hyperextension of the knees might be causing you headaches.

I saw a mom at the Fourth of July parade today with her shoulders way, way back and her spine unnaturally arched to accommodate her seven-month-old in one of the popular baby carriers.  This is a fantastic piece explaining how the right carrier is one that supports both mama and baby alignment.

I’ve read a lot about diastasis recti both for my own education and because it’s an issue that plagues a lot of my clients and friends.  This article introduced information I’ve not encountered elsewhere.

I hope you have a fantastic extended weekend and that you enjoy some time with loved ones, some time alone, and lots and lots of PLAY!

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