IMG_1094It’s a big week in our family!  Happy birthdays to C, D, and K and happy anniversary to my hubby.  Fifteen years … how did that happen?

Speaking of my hubby, he is often on-the-go for meals.  I pack him little lunches and breakfasts when I can.  I think that letting go of the idea that a meal needs to be an elaborate affair can help make that process easier.  Here’s a pic of a lunch I made him for the ride to the airport – some grassfed cheese and roast beef, carrot sticks, marcona almonds, and raspberries.

If you have hip, glute, sciatica or piriformis pain, you’ve likely done this stretch.  See how to do is well-aligned.  Then go read this piece exploring the role of the gluteus maximus in walking, standing, and just being and figure out why you might be in pain.  And then while you are reading about your glutes, read why everyone needs a “butt.”  (Although if you were in class with me on Wednesday, you already heard much of this.  Stop tucking, everyone, okay?)

Remember when I posted to Facebook about my burned raisins?  I was trying to do something fun like this Coconut Granola.  Clearly, Wellness Mama did it better than I did!

Nom Nom Paleo is a whiz and she made these Chunky Monkey Ice Cream Bon Bons that are brilliant and that I know you now want to go try.

Speaking of monkeys, “It’s Me Charlotte” brings us this Chunky Monkey Trail Mix.

I know you follow Paleo Parents, right?  Didn’t their Mango Sticky (Not) Rice tempt you?

I am so trying these Sweet Potato Crackers from the Coconut Mama.  They are grain-free!

This pizza (grain and nightshade-free) and this pizza (thin crust but grain-free) both caught my eye this week.

Hot?  Try Coconut Fudgesicles.

“Taylor Made it Paleo” is churning out some amazing recipes.  I think I am going to try to make the kids donuts from this recipe once school starts.

I use steel wool and mostly stick to cast iron, but this is a great primer from Savory Lotus on cleaning up nasty pots and pans.

I love Frisky Lemon and her common-sense anti-diet approach.

One of my friends is newly gluten free and I promised her lots of cake recipes to assure her she can still have treats on occasion!

Speaking of being gluten free, Amy Myers MD offers up some unexpected places gluten may be lurking.  Don’t lick envelopes, folks!

These “power bars” from Beyond the Peel look great and simple.

I am taking a summer vacation next week, so you won’t be getting any new posts from me.  I am going to try to stay off Facebook and Twitter as well.  So, just know I haven’t disappeared, I’m only taking an electronic rest.

4 Responses to “Explore More : July 19th”

  1. on 19 Jul 2013 at 9:22 amJenny

    Enjoy the electronic rest and fabulous vacation. Love your posts and I learn so much! Thank you!

  2. on 19 Jul 2013 at 11:53 amFrance @ Beyond The Peel

    Thanks for the mention Kristine. Looks like you picked a bunch of really fun recipes! I’ll have to try a few.

  3. on 19 Jul 2013 at 12:18 pmKristine Rudolph

    The pleasure was all mine!

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