Image 1I am battling a cold. We’ve been cooped up since Tuesday afternoon, although we blessedly avoided the absolute horror that so many Atlantans faced that day and into the next. (By the way, that’s a picture from my kitchen of our Big Green Egg in the snow. We got a bit more than that, but I understand if you folks from northern climes find this “snowpocalypse” a tad underwhelming.) And, Little A has a cold on top of her lip laceration (snotty! scabby! yay!), so she has been a crankpot all day and all night long.

Accordingly, you might find today’s post heavier-than-normal on the emotional wellness front.

Take this piece, for example. It’s from Psychology Today and it’s called “Overcoming Loneliness.” It offers coping techniques as well as a discussion on the normalcy of loneliness. Good stuff.

Here’s another one from Psychology Today. It discusses the number one predictor of job satisfaction – whether or not you feel your work directly affects people in a positive way. Here’s a fascinating tidbit from the research:

When university fundraisers met a single student whose scholarship was funded by their work, they increased 142% in weekly phone minutes and over 400% in weekly revenue. When radiologists saw a patient’s photo included in an x-ray file, they wrote 29% longer reports and made 46% more accurate diagnoses.

It’s an interesting and short piece that can help you think through ways to make your own job more meaningful or help you inspire the people you manage.

I’ve been craving Lo Mein lately so this recipe from Wellness Mama with parsnip “noodles” caught my eye.

Do you follow The Domestic Man? His book, The Ancestral Table, is about to hit the marketplace and you can find a list of the recipes included here. The list is amazing and the photos are stunning.

I was looking for a nightshade free Shepherd’s Pie recipe this week and most of them use tomatoes. Elana’s Pantry’s relies on paprika but no tomatoes, so I think I could omit the paprika and make this my AI-friendly go-to next time. I made the Salisbury Steak from Nourished Kitchen instead and it was an absolute make-again. Leftovers, tomorrow. Yum.

Who saw my Facebook post launching the hashtag #ilovetahini? LOL. I’ve been dousing salads with it all week. The creaminess is totally hitting the spot.

V-Day looms. Here’s a fun Coconut Creme Brûlée recipe from Mommypotamus that looks equal parts decadent and simple. (And, in case you are wondering, autocorrect added in all those nice marks on ‘brûlée.’ This monolingual American would not have tried to guess where they went.)

I’ve wondered whether or not you could “birth” a SCOBY from store-bought kombucha. Here’s one blogger’s explanation of how she did it.

That’s all I’ve got the energy and time for today. Somehow, I have gotten myself engaged in a hefty amount of laundry. I am not a Spring Cleaning kind of gal – when pretty weather hits I want to be outside. But this is the time of year that I get all “just throw it out!” and feel the need to launder everything that doesn’t breathe. So, off to fold … !

Stay warm and well, friends.


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