I’m swamped so you get all the links with minimal introduction.  (Maybe you’ll prefer it this way … let me know.)

I love these 16 Things You Should Never Have Stopped Doing from Mark Sisson.

I thought this was a cool perspective – Paleo from a biochemistry standpoint.

I have most all of my classes doing the “Pelvic List” now.  This video is fantastic because it not only shows you how to do the list, but it also explains the why.  Lateral hip strength matters for many reasons but I love the way she explains how it affects bone density.  If you want to avoid debilitating hip fractures, don’t skip this one.

Good stuff in here about how we move and how that affects the way our body works.  (And the squatting videos are way cool.)

Have acid reflux / heartburn / GERD?  Did you know many of the drug-based remedies may actually exacerbate the problem?  Here are some other ways to tackle it.

I’ve got a lot of friends who are tinkering with homemade cleaning supplies.  Some want to save money, others want to use healthier products in their homes.  Here’s some scoop on homemade bleach options.

Seeking alternatives to soda?  How about making water kefir?  Fermented beverages are all the rage.

Meditation … I don’t do it enough.  Here’s one study linking mindfulness meditation to reduced inflammation.  I’m going to do better on this.

These Prosciutto-Wrapped Mini-Frittata Muffins from Nom Nom Paleo look uh-may-zing.

Speaking of amazing, Chocolate Truffle Cake, please?

Want to start a garden but unsure what plants will work in your plot?  Go here.

I share these Training Insights From Star Athletes not because I want you to be a star athlete.  Read about the concept of an “Energy Pie.”  I love it.  It applies far beyond the athletic realm.

Is there a link between asthma and food allergies?  Read this.

That’s all for me.  Next week, look for a super-fun recipe that takes a comfort food and makes it portable.  (As in, lunchbox-packable.)

Have a great weekend!

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