There is an Amazon affiliate link in here. It’s for my book and the FTC requires that I disclose it but it does make me laugh when it’s my book because I assume you know that I benefit when you buy my book. But, anyhow, there it is. Your full disclosure. And, I thank you for clicking on my links because they do help fund (or justify?) the time I spend blogging.

This is totally not wellness related, but I came across this very comprehensive sizing chart recently while buying some clothes for my kiddos, and it was too good to keep to myself.

Speaking of comprehensive, as someone who has to avoid nuts, I was very grateful to Elana Amsterdam of Elana’s Pantry for compiling her nut free recipes here.

Here’s another nut-free recipe – this one from Against All Grain. It’s a sun butter version of peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies, which moms like me who have kids in nut free classrooms may find handy.

Tea and Cornbread pulled together this super fun “Salad Roundup” and my Hot Bacon & Sweet Potato Salad recipe made the cut. Whether you eat paleo, WAPF-y, vegan or veg, you can find a dish here.

No link, but here’s a quote that I found interesting. Arden’s Garden is a beloved Atlanta juice company and the head of the company, Leslie Zinn, was quoted recently in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution saying:

A 16-ounce bottle of our carrot-apple-ginger juice has 1 pound of carrots, 1 pound of apples, and 1/4 pound of ginger in it.
Leslie Zinn in “Turn up the juice” AJC 1-9-2014
which really spoke to some of the reservations I have with juicing. Was the body really meant to ingest a pound of carrots in one sitting? Your thoughts?
On the other hand, one might have no trouble ingesting these Bacon Cauliflower Cheese  Sticks. (Oh, how I hope my gut heals so I can enjoy dairy one day!)
Y’all know I love my entrepreneurs and you know I especially love my women entrepreneurs. On top of that, I love my Atlanta-based, women entrepreneurs most of all! So, Sara Blakely is someone whose fortitude I admire. I saw her speak once to an auditorium of MBA students and she literally brought down the house. My favorite story she told? Every day, when she came home from school, her dad would ask her and her brother what they had failed at that day. His theory was if they hadn’t failed at something, they weren’t pushing themselves enough. I suspect that that made her the businesswoman she is today.
All that being said, I do have concerns about the effect of the shapewear industry on women’s bodies, notably their digestive health. Intra-abdominal pressure and the ways we’ve jacked with it over the years (sucking in, crunches, girdles, etc.) have caused issues like incontinence and organ prolapse. This article about the medical issues related to SPANX and other shapewear is kind of a must-read for women, I think. I’m not ready to ditch the SPANX like I have the heels, but I do only pull them on about 3-4x a year.
Chris Kresser: In Defense of the Paleo Diet. It’s science-based and well-argued. Give it a read.
I absolutely LOVE this blog post from Seth Godin that my friend Jessica from Click-a-Class shared recently. Here’s the meat of it:
When the critic pans your work, or the prospect hears your offer but doesn’t buy, the artist responds, “that’s okay, it’s not for you.” She doesn’t wheedle or flip-flop or go into high pressure mode. She treats different people differently, understands that she is working to delight the weird, not please the masses, and walks away.
I was really nervous to put my [amazon_link id=”B00GEKA0X2″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]book[/amazon_link] out into the world, but honestly, it has been far easier to have a “no big deal, it’s not for you,” attitude than I ever dreamed imaginable. I suppose it’s one of the benefits of not writing publicly until your late-3os, but I just don’t have the emotional bandwidth to care too much about naysayers. Nor do I expect my art to be everyone’s art. That’s the cool thing about art – you can find what speaks to you.
I hope you find something that speaks to you this weekend! Until Monday … !

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