Sorry for the delay in getting this out.  Until the kiddos are back in school, it will be a little crazy around here!  But I have so much to share I didn’t want to skip this installment of Explore More.  So, here goes!

Feeling the post-holiday “ohmygod I ate so much I need to go on a diet” urge?  Focus on nourishing your body and not depriving it instead.  Here’s a great post from Lauren at Empowered Sustenance about “calories” that may help you take that deep breath you need to re-balance.

Here’s another great piece that may put you in a better frame of mind regarding “dieting.”

Think you’re helping your kids by buying antibacterial soap?  After all, it’s flu season.  Think again.  This is a terrific piece about the horrible (and horrifying) impact of triclosan, a common ingredient in antibacterial products.  (Did you know it was in some toothpastes?)

Eating nutrient-dense foods means eating foods that contain the most “bang” per calorie.  Here’s a good little piece on why grassfed beef is more nutrient-dense than poultry, which is often seen as the “healthier” meat choice.

Lauren at Empowered Sustenance (cited in the calorie article above) and Caroline from Gutsy are two teenagers who have taken control of their health and healing through food and are now blogging about their experiences.  Wow!

Did you read this piece about the impact older parenthood will have on American society?  It covers everything from the health impacts of assisted reproduction for moms and babies to the societal impact of older parents and grandparents.  Very thought-provoking.

If you have questions about gluten sensitivity, check out this interview with celiac specialist Dr. Alessio Fasano where he addresses the question “Should anyone eat gluten?”  Then, make sure you read part two and part three.

Headlines for medical and health studies often mislead.  Go past the attention-grabbers with Peter Attia, M.D. in this great analysis of whether the studies actually show low-fat is best for weight loss.

Remember my story about what Accutane did to me?  Others have had similar experiences and worse.

Homemade chai tea concentrate.  Yum.  Perfect for the winter cold.

More evidence that whole foods are superior to processed re-inventions of them.  You won’t see any egg white omelets here!

Food producers employ scientists to make their food seem more palatable to you.  They do this through taste, smell and through the color they dye their “foods.”  Don’t fall for their tricks and teach your kids the truth about real foods.

I have about five more pieces, but I don’t want to overload you!  Have a lovely weekend and meet me back here on Monday!

2 Responses to “Explore More : December 4th”

  1. on 04 Jan 2013 at 10:45 pmK

    Wow! The article on older parenthood was VERY eye-opening. I had read a good bit of it in various places but to put it all into one place was good. I never really wanted kids and neither did my hubs. Then we got married @ 35 and 37 yoa and my brother had 2 kids (@ 30 and 33) and those cute little munchkins totally changed our minds. All of the issues in the article scare us to death. I’m not sure how we would handle a child that was anything less than perfect. I’m sure all parents think that don’t they? But I can’t stress enough how scared to death we are to have a child with any of the issues in the article. Does that make us bad people? But, all our worries are for naught. I’ve had serious gynecological issues over the past 15 years that are very quickly getting worse and within a month my ability to have children will forever be gone. Not to mention 2 bouts of cancer and other minor issues I have. I’m now 41 and he’s 43. Our desire to have children has come too late for us. After reading this maybe my mourning of my loss of womanhood I’m going through is a blessing in disguise?

  2. on 04 Jan 2013 at 10:51 pmKristine Rudolph

    I mean, I have three kids and the article still made me think long and hard about things I had not considered before.

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