DSC05920I hope your holidays were the right blend of fun, noise, mess and peace, warmth, and rest. Or, at the very least, you are going to be able to catch up on some rest this weekend.

I had a couple of friends go through some really emotionally-trying, challenging life events over the holiday so for those folks, and anyone else who falls into that category, I am holding you in my heart.

Despite my stated wish:

All I Want for Christmas Is a Night of Sleep

Little A, just can’t do it yet. But, she has started falling back to sleep with me in my bed after waking at 5:00 a.m. So, at least I am not waking 1-5 times a night and then having to get up with her for good before 6.

Today’s Explore More is going to be short and sweet because hubby took the day off work and that seldom happens, so I am going to be with him.

(Right after he gets off his business call.)

Do you have “vampires” in your life? This may be an especially pointed question coming on the heels of the holiday. Seth Godin’s got some concise advice on keeping the folks who suck your energy at bay.

What You Can, When You Can. It’s a great mantra. See what Carla has to say on the subject and then see if this mindset would serve you well right now. #wycwyc

Ben Greenfield’s got a good piece on why losing weight is not just about eating less. In fact, he gives some good evidence as to why eating less may actually hinder your long-term weight loss goals.

Parents, are you making sure your buckets are getting filled? Good (important) stuff.

Parents put so much energy into helping their child feel seen, heard and appreciated. Yet, parents also have a need to feel seen, heard and appreciated. Most parents I speak to in my work don’t feel they receive enough appreciation and don’t feel truly seen and heard in their challenges. They find it hard to feel deserving of having their needs met.

And, finally, if you heard the news that multivitamins (and thus all supplements) were worthless last week, I urge you to once again delve beneath the headline and think through both the study and conventional wisdom. Mark Sisson digs into this for us:

Talking about “this study” or “that study” invalidating (or universally validating) the consumption of supplements is ridiculous. Specific supplements work in specific cases.

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