IMG_1074Are your kiddos back in school yet?  Mine start Monday and as I joked with a friend on Facebook the other day, I’ve pretty much planned enough to keep me busy until 2015 or so.

Just the list of phone calls I need to make is rather staggering.  It’s just not something I can do with three kids around.  Today, I had to call The Home Depot then Whirlpool to get a dying appliance serviced.  Those voice prompts?  Kids?  It was really a nightmare.  The customer service reps were very kind and patient.

This photo?  It’s the groundcover in my front yard.  For about a month-long spell each year, these adorable little flowers pop up.  They’re the sweetest little things and they feel like nature’s carpet under my feet when I wander around barefoot outside.

Speaking of bare feet and back-to-school, have you gotten “school shoes” for your kiddos yet?  Mine love their [amazon_link id=”B00531RVJY” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Merrell Barefoot [/amazon_link]shoes.  For other shoes with minimalist tendencies, check out Katy Bowman’s fantastic list.

Remember my post about training yourself for your life?  In it, I talk about the principle of specificity, which is why this piece on improving movement by training to move appealed to me so much.

With the start of school comes the inevitable exposure to all sorts of viruses and bugs.  I try my best to keep my kids’ immune systems strong with fresh, whole foods, prioritizing sleep, and getting good natural light everyday for that Vitamin D production.  But, they’re kids and they will get sick.

When you’re “Paleo,” though, the old standby BRAT diet doesn’t cut it, so I loved seeing this post about alternatives.  Many of these are my standbys.

Speaking of tummies, I bet this Probiotic Bubbly Lemonade would make mine happy!

Oooh, today as I drove out of my driveway, I saw a woman walking with a stride that made me want to cry.  I wanted to just transmit this article to her phone somehow.  (Wouldn’t that be cool?  Just to be all … that person totally needs to read this and be able to direct it to their phone even though you don’t know them?  I guess that would become one big spamfest, though, right?  I am clearly not cut out for product design.)

So, we’re all on board, right, that we don’t say things like, “I’m so fat,” or “I’m gross,” in front of our daughters – who all think we are beautiful?  Great.  But do you talk about how old you are?  And is that just as bad?   Negative self-talk is bad enough but saying it so our precious daughters hear us …?  No, no, no.  (My weakness is my face.  I have got to stop fixating on the acne, especially around the kids.

Two super cool posts about pull-ups here and here.  Both offer “progressions,” which are ways to go from “I can’t do a pull-up” to rocking them safely and effectively.

Yes, yes, yes, I do have sweets for you this week.

What about …

Coconut Maple Cream Pie?

Chocolate Mint Slices?

Mini Chocolate Souffles?

Or blueberry scones?

Here’s one more recipe, but it’s a savory one.  It’s a pad thai dish with cabbage for noodles and it looks delish and pretty simple.

You know that standing quad stretch?  The one that you see people butcher all the time?  Here are some great pointers on it from the Core Walking Blog.

Do you forage in your neighborhood?  I am starting to be a little obsessed with the idea.

Finally, have a little fun growing some new scallions.

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