Hey there! It’s been awhile since I’ve put up an Explore More post. It’s not that I haven’t had loads of great stuff to share, but … summer.

Also, as some of you know, I am studying for the Restorative Exercise Specialist certification and still plugging away on novel #2.

Anyhow, I am back in the saddle and hope to post more regularly.

We just had a weekend full of 6 year-year old birthday fun. (My girl lives it up when it comes to celebrations!) I am so grateful to have the folks at Dulce Vegan who make gluten free, nut free, soy free, dairy free, egg free cakes and cupcakes without dyes and other nasties.DSC08810

I can think of lots of ways to serve these Plantain Crepes from Nourishing Meals, can’t you? They have no nuts and no grains at all.

The *only* veggie I was able to cultivate this summer beyond easy herbs was cucumber. We had lots of them and they were delicious. This Japanese Cucumber Salad from The Nourishing Gourmet looks like a delicious way to serve them.

Speaking of salads, this Lemon Anchovy dressing from Bon Appetit should burst with umami plus all of the amazing nutritional goodness that the small fish pack. By eating anchovies and sardines, you are less likely to expose yourself to heavy metals like mercury while still getting the benefits of seafood. They are lower on the food chain, so they haven’t consumed the flesh of other mercury-laden fish the way, say, swordfish has.

Have you done the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS yet? Hasn’t it been a captivating phenomenon to watch? I groused about it a little, namely because I got tired of seeing people shame other people in my newsfeed. But, as you may recall from Katie Timp’s beautiful words about caring for her dad with ALS, it is a bitch of a disease. And, I am just enchanted by the idea of what could come out of all this.

As for Katie, she has started her own blog about life after her dad and I encourage you to check her out here.

But back to summer’s bounty, because it won’t last long. And neither, I suspect, would Dr. Hyman’s salad with roasted beets, bacon, figs and walnuts. Oh my!

And, what about the berries! The Paleo Mom shared a guest post this week for a blackberry cobbler that is AIP-friendly which means no nuts or grains. It looks yummy!

I shared this on my Facebook page, but it’s worth serving up again because bone mineral density loss in women’s pelvises deserves attention. It’s a study from the Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine and it looks at female cyclists and their BMD over the span of a year. Give it a look if biking is your thing.

And, finally, I love this post from Jon Acuff. It really speaks to me. And, if you are ever on my blog and think, “Hmmm, she goes from parenting to recipes to body image and entrepreneurship all in one day,” then this will go a long way towards explaining this space you’ve found.

Have a wonderful weekend and send me good vibes as we have multiple painting projects around the house. They’re using No VOC paints, but with all my sensitivities, having all these chemicals in the house is a very frightening prospect.

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