At long last, the signs of Spring are emerging all over Atlanta. The azaleas and dogwoods are bursting out everywhere Dogwoodand I’m starting to think about switching out my kids’ closets. I try to wait until the very last cold spell passes before I switch everything out, and I am not quite confident we are out of the woods just yet. But Nature has started to perk and so have my moods and energy levels.

Speaking of Atlanta, I try not to make this blog too Georgia-centric, but I had to share this post with seven fabulously beautiful spots in our state that you may not have visited. If you live here, add these to your must-see list. If you don’t live here, these will have you considering a visit.

And since we’re on the topic of nature, many of you know that whenever I have the chance to move my body outdoors, I do it. So Erin of FitMamaTraining’s post on how she’s transitioned from the weight room to the outdoors really spoke to me. In a similar vein, Dr. Laura Markham, one of my favorite parenting authors, shared some terrific info about the value in getting kids engaged with nature this week. Take a moment to read and then take those wee littles outside!

And, since we’ve transitioned to mamas and being outside, take a peek at these two posts from Breaking Muscle featuring Katy Bowman on raising children in a biomechanically-challenging way to promote proper load bearing. (Gosh, that sounds dull. It’s not. It’s fascinating stuff.) First, here’s a piece on keeping those kiddos barefoot, and then here’s one on  the growth necessity of hanging. If you can’t get enough of this stuff, then check out her lecture “Paleo Parenting: A Biomechanical Perspective” available here. I was fortunate enough to hear her lecture on this topic at the Ancestral Health Symposium 2013 and it rocked my world. I have changed a lot of what I do in light of what Katy taught me.

Another of my favorite bloggers, Magda of Ask Moxie, posted this piece about Talking to Kids About Addiction and what happens after rehab. As always, Magda’s post inspired some good dialogue, so it’s one where you want to take a moment to read the comments.

OK, so you may not expect terrific relationship advice from Business Insider, but Nate Bagley’s work into what makes successful couples successful is really interesting. It generated some good conversation between my significant other and me. So did this really lovely piece with the marriage vows that couples really should be making on their big day.

Long-time readers know I have an obsession with fat-soluble vitamins. For those of you who like to dive deep into things, here’s an old but still great piece on the magic of Vitamin K2.

I found some cool recipes this week. I thought this Twice Baked Cauliflower Pie from This Flourishing Life was really inventive. It may sound wacky, but the ingredients in this Love Your Liver Herbal Coffee all sound delish. (I love, love, love roasted dandelion root tea.) If you crave a carrot cake sort of experience but want to stay grain-free, give these a whirl. The Spunky Coconut refined her pancake recipe again. And, finally, my kids are obsessed with “ice cream” that you make from only frozen fruit. (Thank you, Vitamix!) They would love this banana and almond version from Paleo Eats & Treats.

I read this article on the suicide of L’Wren Scott, and it really got me thinking about being a slave to expectations. Now, I think it’s a giant leap for the New York Post to speculate on the reasons behind Scott’s decision to take her own life, and I mean no disrespect to her in any way. I actually think this article could have and should have been written without even mentioning her. They had enough info without her as you will see.

One of the issues that makes me think is the role that the media plays in our own personal expectations of what our lives are “supposed to” be like. “Sex and the City” had a whole bunch of young women thinking that they should strut around in ridiculously high heels. “Friends” had folks thinking that they could be marginally employed and still live in a huge apartment in NYC. I remember my brother saying that Jessica Simpson’s and Nick Lachey’s “reality show” made him feel a huge burden as a man who was on the dating scene. “Don’t women realize we can’t actually afford to take them out like that every night?”

Pause. Do you realize that every example I provided is, at this point, practically considered vintage television? #facepalm #iamold #youcanstopreadingnow

Better yet, what are your examples of how the media today fuels unrealistic expectations about how life is “supposed to be?”

I’ll start: “Parenthood.” I mean, COME ON Joel and Julia. You don’t just quit on your marriage and your family like that. That fight you had? That wasn’t a fight. How many people out there now think, “Ohmygod, my marriage is so much worse off than that. If they need to separate, does that mean I am supposed to separate, too?”

Your turn … .




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