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It’s been a few years now, but once upon a time a thirtysomething, single male former colleague of mine posted to Facebook, something that went like this: Just saw the craziest thing. There was a woman walking on the sidewalk down XYZ Road with a stroller and – get this – NO KID. I mean, […]

My big kids’ Fall Break was last Thursday and Friday.  We normally trek to my mom’s but that’s a five-hour drive minimum and given that I haven’t had a full night of sleep in fifteen months, three weeks and four days (but who’s counting?) I just didn’t feel safe getting behind the wheel for an […]

The Baggage We Carry

A few nights ago, I had a disturbingly vivid dream.  My neck itched, I scratched it, and discovered a bulging blood clot the size of a hazelnut.  It was clear to me in my dream that this clot meant impending disaster. Four years ago, my father suffered a massive stroke.  By all accounts, he should […]