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As a fitness instructor at a big box gym, I encounter folks from all walks of life and in various stages of their life’s journey. It’s one of the things I love most about teaching there. As such, I regularly have people check in with me to inform me of recent diagnoses or injuries that […]

In response to this post about social media triggers, you guys shared a lot. I heard from you all via email, text, in person, in comments on the post, and via Facebook about social media posts that, while on the surface are benign, get to you for some reason. I promised then that we would revisit this […]

New participants to my classes may be a tad dismayed to learn in their one hour devoted to exercise, they’re asked to do things called, “Unload the Dishwasher,” “Switch Out the Laundry,” and “Pick Up the Baby.” It’s not that I don’t know technical “exercise” terms. It’s that I want my clients to think less […]

Remember that time I stalked Katy Bowman at the Ancestral Health Symposium 2013? Because she was in Atlanta?  And this happened? Katy is my movement guru.  Her approach is firmly grounded in science, and yet refreshingly free from the burdens that often make science … how to say it? …. a tad unwieldy? Namely, she […]

My five-year-old daughter is taking dance this year. She takes thirty minutes of ballet and thirty minutes of “theater jazz” one day a week. She’s in class with four of her besties, and she is as happy as a clam about it all.  As for me, I am glad that while she takes a full hour […]

We were total slackers this weekend. Not that we didn’t do anything.  Quite the opposite, in fact. We hiked, we skipped rocks, we climbed trees, we jumped, we played Frisbee … and we slacklined. Have you slacklined, yet? It is loads of fun, a great activity for the family, and offers many benefits including cultivation […]

I’m going to dissect a sacred cow today.  Don’t take offense if it’s something you love.  Remember, we’re all about exploration here. I won’t recommend Pilates to my clients, and if people tell me they’re taking it up, I quietly cringe a little inside. Here’s the practical side of my cringe.  Pilates is expensive.  Mat […]

I was on Spring Break with the kids last week and we traveled to South Carolina to visit my mom.  While I was there, she wondered, would I be willing to clean out her shoe stash, as per the guidelines in Katy Bowman’s [amazon_link id=”1936661071″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Every Woman’s Guide to Foot Pain Relief[/amazon_link]. […]

Hanging Around

Hey, Sunday class folks, have you done your homework for the week? For those of you who don’t join us, their “assignment” is to hang three times this week. Playgrounds, monkey bars, rails, trees … they’re all fair game. Here’s where I do most of my hanging:   It’s just an inexpensive pull up bar […]

(I don’t have a post from The Caregiver Series for you today.  I have a few posts in the works, so look for one in the coming weeks.) Last week I talked about what happens when we outsource movement.  I discussed shifting our cultural paradigm from one in which we lead largely sedentary lives then […]