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My blog title is kind of a spoiler, no? It’s just that I have worked so very long and hard to get the audio version of my novel, The Myth of Jake, out to you, that I couldn’t wait a single second longer to share the news. (By the way, this post is filled with […]

It’s Fiction Friday, so you get another post from “guest blogger” and main character from my novel The Myth of Jake, Maggie Carlton. Ugh. I just looked up the date of my last post. December 11th. Nearly two months ago. This is why I didn’t want to blog in the first place. I need the discipline of […]

It’s Fiction Friday, so you get another post from “guest blogger” and main character from my novel The Myth of Jake, Maggie Carlton. Today, she shares details from her first Thanksgiving since separating from her husband, Tom.   I approached my first uncoupled Thanksgiving since Tom and I separated with much trepidation. The holiday landed on one […]

I’ve had a sick kid all week, so no new original posts from me. Luckily my friend Maggie stepped in to write this gem. If you missed Maggie’s post from last week or the week prior be sure to check them out. And to learn everything you need to know about Maggie Carlton, you will want […]

Today’s “guest post” is authored by Maggie Carlton, the main character from my novel, The Myth of Jake, which you can buy here. To read Maggie’s first guest post, visit this page. This whole almost-divorced-mom thing has its challenges, and some of the most difficult surround holidays. Tom and I have talked extensively about Thanksgiving and Christmas. […]

Dear Readers, In 2013 I published my debut novel, The Myth of Jake. Since that time many of you have asked for a sequel. Some of you had questions that needed an answer. Others of you just wanted to stay with the characters for a bit longer. Since the publication of The Myth of Jake I’ve been working […]

Tea and TV

Yesterday, I posted this picture to my Facebook page as a tip of the hat to the series finale of The Mentalist, which ended its seven season run this week. If you are a fan of the show, you know that Patrick Jane’s ever-present cup of tea was as fundamental to the development of his character as was his nemesis […]

Have you noticed, I’m not blogging as much as I used to blog? In June, Little A stopped napping. Mind you, she’s still waking up at night more nights than not and she takes anywhere from an hour to ninety minutes to go down at night. And, she’s waking at 5:15 a.m. ready to start […]

Ask the Author

Are you on Goodreads yet? If you’re not, consider joining me and (likely) many of your friends in this social media “community” for readers. My author page is here. Go there and scroll down about two-thirds of the way to find a new functionality Goodreads has just launched called “Ask the Author.” If you’ve read […]

From what I’ve heard through various channels … communication is so complex today, isn’t it? … you guys would enjoy a Q&A on the book. So here’s how it’ll work.  Email me your question(s) to: krexploringwellness at gmail dot com If you haven’t read the book, there are bound to be a lot of spoilers, […]