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I’ve been meaning to get this post out for weeks now and I’ve started it more than once. But I either end up telling you too much or too little, so I am just going to do a quick drive-by and hit the high points. Writing I’ve been working very hard to get my book The […]

You haven’t heard from me much recently because  I have so many projects up in the air! I am working on multimedia projects, jamming on my third book, still shopping my second book to agents, developing a Girls’ Night Out workshop and cementing some affiliate partnerships. Don’t rely on Facebook to hear the latest. It wants me […]

Just a quick housekeeping note from me today – but it’s exciting! Granted, this comes on the heels of three days of nonstop basement cleaning. Details on that madness soon, but suffice it to say I have housekeeping on the brain. But the exciting news is this: The Kristine Rudolph – Exploring Wellness Marketplace is […]