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It’s just that I have worked so very long and hard to get the audio version of my novel, The Myth of Jake, out to you, that I couldn’t wait a single second longer to share the news.

(By the way, this post is filled with affiliate links. I don’t want to insult your intelligence by telling you that if you buy my book I make money from it, but the FTC likes transparency so … .)

A year or more ago, my friend Liz Wolfe – author of Eat the Yolksblogger at Real Food Liz, and co-host of the Balanced Bites podcast – said on her podcast that she wouldn’t be able to read my book, which was in her queue, unless and until there was an audio version.

I love audiobooks. I love being able to lose myself in a novel while I drive. I love the intimacy of having someone read a story just to me. It seems to trigger something primally cozy. Also, as a movement professional, I love the idea that someone could be out getting a walk while “reading” my book.

So, since Liz threw down the gauntlet and since I loved the idea of an audio version of my book, I decided to get The Myth of Jake to audio.

I won’t bore you with the details but do imagine me sitting on the floor in my son’s closet, ensconced in soundproofing materials from my husband’s office, cussing up a storm as I read, then cussing up a different storm as I edited, for hours and hours on end. Thankfully, when I reached the limits of my sound editing abilities, I was able to get some professional help and complete the project.

So it is after much blood, sweat, tears and swear words that I announce that The Myth of Jake is available in audio on Scribl for $4.49. Every audiobook purchase comes with a free downloadable text copy as well so you can go back and forth. The novel is, of course, still available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and on iBooks.

And, as always, if you choose to buy this novel as a gift for someone, send me an email at kristine at I will send your gift recipient a personalized email – the ebook/audiobook version of a “signed copy.”

Thanks and happy walk-drive-clean-while-you-listen reading!

2 Responses to “Audio Version of THE MYTH OF JAKE Now Available”

  1. on 15 Aug 2016 at 1:05 pmSally

    You know how much I love my audio books!!!!
    Wish your dad was here to finally get to hear the story.

  2. on 15 Oct 2016 at 2:38 pmLex

    Surprised and moved by your story. Loved the depth of the characters.
    Lex, the Netherlands

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