Yesterday I posted a piece on my son’s recent birthday party and showcased some of the real foods we served.  One of the reasons I wrote that post was that he and I recently attended an amazing party at a friend’s house.  These friends are vegan, and seeing the delicious food that they prepared and the delight that the partygoers (adults and six-year-olds alike!) showed in eating it, was extremely affirming for me.  It reminded me that no matter your definition of healthy or compassionate food, when it is served with love and a warm-spirit, it can be beautiful and nearly universally-received.  (I mean, some kids are just picky, after all.)

It was a “wizarding” party, and from the handmade invitations, to the Magic Potion table, to the “quest” through the woods led by the birthday boy’s dad … who probably had more fun than any of the kids … it was just fabulous.

I mean, dry ice in punch for a Warlock’s Brew?


We Paleos do a lot of fun things with cauliflower, but leave it to a vegan family to turn it into a brain!


I didn’t snap a picture of it, but the highlight of the meal was a gorgeous, veggie-laden chili that my son devoured.  Our hostess had thoughtfully contacted us in advance to make sure he’d have enough to eat.  So he loaded up some gluten free crackers with the chili, enjoyed fruit and roasted nuts, and chowed down on her homemade gluten free cupcakes.  (Yes, she made a batch of glutinous vegan cupcakes and another batch without gluten.  And yes, she is pretty amazing.)

I love that I have people in my life who care about high-quality food as much as I do.  And, after the party weekend, as I listened to this thought-provoking podcast about “achieving disagreement” (which has nothing to do with food but is a transformative way to think about civil discourse), I smiled a little knowing that my vegan friends and I have been able to wade through diametrically opposed eating philosophies and – most importantly – our kids always feel loved, honored and satiated at each other’s events.



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  1. on 26 Apr 2013 at 4:02 pmDanita

    Kristine, you honor me! I am blushing just reading your kind words! I am so happy there was mostly healthy food that people could enjoy. In my mother’s and father’s families, food has always been the centerpiece of family gatherings. I am trying to teach my kids that we can have celebrations and still provide foods that satiate most people while following what we think is healthy and ideal. Just like what you have always done for classroom snacks, class parties, and birthday celebrations. We feel so honored to have a friendship with your family!

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